Wednesday Prompt

I found this on Pinterest and ran with it. I will do one every Wednesday if possible.

Settled down for the night, the coolness of the early fall air brought out the big blankets. Living by the beach was ten to twenty degrees cooler than inland, but tonight a layer of fog added to it. There is a place where you’re not quite awake, but sleep hasn’t consumed you yet. When the loud sound of the door opened, I knew this was just another night terror. As much as I would try to work my way out, there was always something dragging me deeper.

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Her name is Wrath

“No, I don’t think you fucking understand who and what that child is,” she screamed.

Nicolette took a few steps back, her face distorted with anger. Arison explained that Grace and Gypsy were bound to her, and if they die, so does all of civilization as they knew it. The clock started the day she saved the young blond from her fate, and as each month passed, the world shook with an anger that he could not control. The gods above unleashed a fury on the world, and Nicolette was the one to blame. When a name’s written, date of birth and date of death added. She altered the world the moment she brought Gypsy back to life. The doomsday clock had started, and the virus that plagued the world was just the beginning of the world as they knew it.

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