Phone Sex Escape -25-

I stood in the doorway, head tilting to the side, and for a minute wondering if I stepped into the twilight zone. My life has suddenly become an alternate universe, and I’m ready to get off this ride. Losing control of anything will never be acceptable to a person like me. Self admittedly, I am a control freak. For the next few minutes, I prolong that agony. Not mine, but Haven’s because I can feel her anxiety as she stands there like a scared child. It’s almost worth all the trouble she has caused to see my wife in a tormented state of disarray.

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Phone Sex Escape -9-

Part 9


I laid in that bed listening to my husband fucking that woman. It wasn’t that it bothered me, but his disrespect for our home was atrocious. Usually, Maria took care of his needs, but tonight, he seemed to take a walk on the nasty side. Honestly, I hope he dies in the middle and never cums. It would serve him right. At least if he did, I would never have to taste his cum again.

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Red light

“Vanessa, you have an appointment with Mr. Red shoes. Information is on the fax machine.”

He was his usual Monday self. Cheerful and full of life. Who am I kidding? The Man has the personality of dry toast. He did run a tight office, though. He knew how to get the girl’s appointments and make sure the client was always happy. I will give him that much credit. I grabbed the paper on my way to the lounge. There was nothing that stood out in the requirements he had for today. Red shoes, red dress, hair in a bun, and arrive at 8 pm—nothing to curl my toes or make me jump for joy. My crush was long over for this Man.

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