Phone Sex Escape -17-

The moment that Johnathan and that little bitch left, it was time to get everything arranged with Maria. First, though, she needs to get that test taken to know how close to ovulation she is. For a brief second, I think this doesn’t seem right, but that passes when I remember Johnathan walking out the door with his stepsister. He will deserve everything he gets, and believe me, Maria will make him pay, or her mouth will tell everyone. The best part of the whole this is that I will get my divorce and my freedom.

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I don’t even remember the age I started discovering my body, but I know it was young. I’ve heard women mature sexually faster than men do, and I believe it with the experiences I’ve had. The only bad thing is I still live at home, and my parents think that sex is for procreation, and masturbation is a sin. I honestly believe they only had sex one time in their relationship, and that’s when they made me. What’s weird is that both of them are extremely attractive. They work out daily, indulge in personal trainers, and my mother even went away one weekend for a little minor surgery. Oddly enough, her breasts were twice the size when she returned. We never spoke of it, but there was no way you couldn’t notice such a drastic change.

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