Phone Sex Escape -34-


As I closed the hotel room door, it isn’t much, but it will do for the night. At least I can work from here and make some extra money to get me to California quicker. My greyhound leaves in the morning, and the station is right across the street. I don’t know what I will be doing there, but anything is better than what I had. I can never go back to Johnathan, not now, not ever. When taking public transportation is this much of a joy, I know I will never submit my life to anyone again. If only I weren’t alone, it would be so much better. In all honesty, I wish I could take Maria with me. I feel the need to save her from the life that I know she will endure with me gone. 

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Phone Sex Escape -30-

I knew it was coming. Johnathan never was subtle when it comes to his anger. The look on his face the moment he walked through the front door shook me to the core. If only I were a little quicker, I would have already been long gone. Maybe this is fate, or God hates me. I can’t believe that he will force me to breed for his sick and twisted needs. Whatever deal he made with my father is enough to make me want to vomit. 

“Johnathan, stop this shit,” I screamed. The room is now dark. I know though he fucked my ass, there is something inside of my pussy. Something warm and frightening. How could he cum two different places at once? All of this has to be an impossible nightmare. 

I am wiggling my wrists, trying to pull whatever he bound me with to the head of the bed. My left wrist is so tight that it feels the circulation is restricted. My right that one might have some hope. I can wiggle it almost enough to pull back, but the left-hand throbs each time I do. Loud music in the other room tells me he wants to drown out my screams. Yanking back hard, I lost my breath as my right hand pulled free from the rope. He fucking used twine on me? You would think that he could of at least had the courtesy to use a pair of stockings. I hate him, god how I hate that man with everything I am, or will ever be. 

My heart is racing as I reach over, removing the rope from my left wrist. “You son of a bitch,” I growl when I see the marks on my flesh.   Reaching down, I have to cover my mouth with the pillow when I remove the tape from my pussy. Suddenly, a gush of cum poured down my legs. How? How when he came inside of my ass? How am I full of all this semen? God help me, I can’t get pregnant. Not when I am so close to being free from Johnathan. 

The sound of the shower coming on is a relief. Slipping from the bed, pulling the clothes on that I removed, I feel filthy. God, what if? I have to put that out of my mind right now. Johnathan is in the shower, and if I can get out of here in the next 60 seconds, I will be home free. 

Slowly pulling open the bedroom door, slipping out from the bedroom, I grab the bag I packed and walk lightly to the front door. I said a little prayer, pulling the door open to feel the Texas heat slap me in the face. God, that’s freedom out there, and I intend to get my share of it. The second I stepped outside the front of Satan’s lair, I ran. No car, nothing, but I ran from the house and knew it was at the minute that I was never looking back. I am free from the confines of the Devil. 

The sun is hot on my feet as I finally hit the asphalt in the front of the house. The worst thing about living in a secluded neighborhood is the lack of public transportation. Using every alley, side street, and tree to hide behind, I didn’t bother to use the passcode when I reached the front gates. I slipped through the iron gate and didn’t stop until I reached the main street and found a city bus. It’s not the first time I took a bus. If Johnathan or my father knew that I sometimes snuck off to see how the other part of the world lived, I would be dead by now. When I was in high school and wanted to take the bus with some friends, my father locked me in the bedroom for three days. He wanted to make sure that I didn’t give in to temptation. I swore after that he would never run my life again. Now, I am no longer going to live scared of my surrounding. 

As I settled into the seat closest to the driver, my phone rang. I know the number without even looking. Johnathan knows I am gone, and I’m sure that he is flipping out. For the first time in our two-year marriage, he’s lost the control to keep me under his thumb. I can’t help but smile at his anguish. For the next few days, I will get a motel room somewhere that he will never look, and after that, a greyhound bus to Los Angeles. I plan on getting lost and never found. All I can hope is that this cum inside me doesn’t do the damage my husband wanted. I might be homeless, but for the very first time, I’m happy. Maria and Jamison can fight over him. The only person I will miss in that house is Maria. Maybe one day I can find her again, but until then, I will smile more than I ever have. 

The Devil might play better poker, but I just won this hand.