Phone Sex Escape -22-

A honk from the driver alerted me that he was getting impatient. I’ve been ready for an hour. Jamison is dawdling around the house as though I am taking her to the gas chamber. Oddly, she was so happy to go when Johnathan was involved, but now, she seems scared. I’m not going to lie. I love that she is acting like I have some hold over her. Little does she know, I don’t want anything from her other than a confession that she opened her legs for her brother’s cock. If I can get that out of her, then I have more evidence for a divorce. Surely my father would disapprove of Johnathan being so bold with his own step-sister. Then again, my father is the reason I am in this position.

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Dreaming of the Devil

Alone in her room, Vanessa laid there watching the ceiling. Should she call her family and ask if this is okay, or should she allow it to continue and accept it as God’s will? As her eyes closed, the Devil snuck into the room to show the innocent young Nun the pleasures of his playground. One can’t control a dream. Satan always holds the upper hand in the subconscious world. 

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Wearing his collar

With the delicate pearls placed around my neck, I shiver when the ivory beads touch my sensitive flesh. I’ve waited for what seems like a lifetime to become the property of my Master, and tonight, I am. I’ve never before been comfortable around a crowd of people, but today, I stand tall in these heels—a hand on the middle of my back, his strong hand brushing over my tiny waist. Can he feel the small bumps rising on my skin? Even a blind man who only reads braille would know that I am more excited than ever before. 

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