Amazon – Publish or not?

My heart and head are in a quandary this morning. I published my second book this month and after a 4 day promo on amazon I gave away 80 copies. Some would say that is wonderful. I am excited because it shows on my stat sheet and it is being read to completion. Here is where I am at odds with it all. First, I am not making a dime on the giveaway, which is fine, but Amazon will not give me the feedback. Yes, I know it is being left for me because a few of the readers have told me they left it.

I’ve contacted Amazon, and after being sent to one person after another (actually 8), I gave up. No one on the site can tell me why this has happened to me. So I did my research. I made a different Amazon account and purchased my book. Yes, I paid for my book. When I tried to leave a feedback test, Amazon told me unless I spend 50.00, I may not review any item. Why? How can that be allowed if I spent cash to buy this item? So, I have 2 feedback reviews on a book that is the hands of 80 people. Does this seem fair? It doesn’t to me when the only way I can advance is to have feedback left.

So, do I publish? Why? No one will read it. I am very distraught because I have a book almost complete and it’s good. Real good. I honestly have thought about giving up and stopping writing all together. I love the words, but it’s sad that I can’t be seen. I once told someone I was a nobody, and now I feel more like one than ever.

Has anyone else ever had this issue? I don’t even know where to turn because Amazon doesn’t help their writers.

I will love you forevermore

Her hand intertwined with his as he succumbed to the dreams that took away his pain. She promised him that if he ever needed her, he could find her in his dreams. As the dawn approaches, he cries to stay, but his time to join her isn’t now. With a small kiss on his forehead, she promises to meet him once again when the moon kisses the sun goodnight. I will love you now and forevermore.

A.J. Luna