Pandora’s box

The little box on the edge of the table always was a lure to me. All of my life, I wanted just once to take a peek inside of the dark oak box. My mother cringed each time I walked by and ran my fingers over the handcrafted wood. Each time I asked her what was inside, she told me to mind my own business and leave it alone. When you’re a kid, that drives you insane with wonder. Sadly, now that I’m grown, I still can’t get the box out of my head.

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Peaches and Cream

My little epic tale of my sugar daddy took a new turn this weekend. He wanted me to go away to Vegas for a conference. Little did I know, he was going to share me with his wife. I’ve never met her till this weekend, and now, and I need to make this clear, I have never touched another woman, so this was a first for me. When he asked me, I was a little put off because I don’t know what a woman wants from another woman. Instead of going in blind, I spent hours watching lesbian porn and learning how to pleasure a pussy. 

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