Monday seduction

It all starts with seduction. Hot and wet, the warmth blankets the soul each time you indulge in another hit of your addiction. Lean back, close your eyes and allow the body to cascade into a pool of warm lust. Open that mouth, I dare you, wider, open, that’s a good girl. Allow the sensation of heat rush through your veins. That shiver up your spine is the first indication that you’ve fed the beast inside.

A.J. Luna

And that’s how I got kicked out of Starbucks!

Morning coffee

Hands wrapped around the warmth, her mouth lowered, salivating for the first taste of sweet nectar. Spilling across her tongue, the creamy delight filled her throat with the most magical drops of liquid love ever created. One gush of heat after another, she swallowed every single drop. Her cravings for her addictions growing stronger each time she swallows another mouthful of heavenly delights.

A.J. Luna