Phone Sex Escape -9-

Part 9


I laid in that bed listening to my husband fucking that woman. It wasn’t that it bothered me, but his disrespect for our home was atrocious. Usually, Maria took care of his needs, but tonight, he seemed to take a walk on the nasty side. Honestly, I hope he dies in the middle and never cums. It would serve him right. At least if he did, I would never have to taste his cum again.

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Phone Sex Escape -6-



Arriving back from a business trip, I was a man on a mission. Walking into my home, Maria barely had a chance to grab my luggage before I retreated to my office to cool down. I would need to deal with Haven, but I needed a drink to calm down before that. After the updates from Maria, I knew that something was off. My wife never spent that much time in her bedroom, and though she didn’t like Maria, she never spoke to her with disrespect. Haven always put on a front around the hired help and unleashed her anger on him in the bedroom. Not that I didn’t like submissive, but most of the time, she acted dead.

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Dirty confessions of a peeping tom -2-

What a time in life. A pandemic springs up, and the world is shutdown. Working from home should be easy, but for Nicole, it was that thing in the corner of the living room that distracted her. That telescope was a bad investment for someone with ADHD. After watching the show the night before, she couldn’t stop thinking about what happened afterward. Did his wife come home and find the sheets stained with cum? Or the scent of another woman on her husband? Or was she so oblivious to his cheating that she laid in the stain and her skin covered in adultery? Did she wake up and realize that her husband cheated, or did she even care?

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