Come Little Kitten 4

kitten stories

I shook as my body pushed back into the leather seat. It was the first time it scared me enough to cry. I know tears are a weakness, but I am only human under all this glitz and glamour. “I didn’t know until now. I thought I was doing what you wanted, but now that I have thought about it, I know I should never have indulged in the pleasure,” I said. I could do nothing to change what happened, but now I know that I am not to enjoy the act when Master sends me into a room with another. It was a mistake that would never happen again.

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Ghost of the past 3

It was a day that Gypsy would never forget. Her mouth still coated with the blood of Rocco Lucchese, she looked over at her cousin with a silent stare. Usually, it was Nicolette who finished them off, but this time, Gypsy herself killed the man so brutally that she still felt as though she might puke again. If he was a soldier, the Lucchese family might allow her to live, but this time, she killed the main man so brutally that his manhood tore from his body. All she could pray for is if, and when they found the body, the coroner says it was fish who ate away his appendage. Nothing is more sacred to a man than his dick.

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