The visitor

Reformatted and reposted

Have you ever just felt consumed? It’s the best feeling in the world, yet the scariest. For Gypsy, she’s obsessed with an image. Someone, she didn’t know wrecked havoc in her mind, and the harder she tried to rid herself, the deeper his nails dug. Who the fuck was this face that had haunted her for the past week. Tall, dark, and she sensed something destructive. Why did every fragment of hair stand on end when he entered her mind? An over-active imagination can be a dangerous place to play.

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Finding Vengeance -2

Frank Paloma wasn’t a nice man. Overall, he was one of the biggest wastes of air still walking the planet, but he had something going for him that Gypsy needed—his family. Notorious for cleaning things up, the Paloma family could make all your problems disappear. Gypsy was banking on that the moment she realized what happened back in that hotel room. She stabbed the man, but it wasn’t in self-defense. She came there willingly and to make money. Even her family name couldn’t help her with this one.

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The set up pt-3

The game played on. None of the men in the room phased by the dead body leaning over on Gypsy. No one cared that her face is splattered with the remnant of brain matter. In her head, she screamed for mercy, for help, but those words would never pass her lips. All she knew is women are to be seen, not heard. That was imprinted into her even when she was a child.

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The set up pt 2

Two hours later, standing in front of a full-length mirror, Gypsy slipped the diamonds in her ears as a final touch. No longer wearing his wife’s, these were hers. Bought with her own money the young blonde was done taking his gifts. Some would call her crazy, hell, she knew she was the moment she turned the last one down. There was a time where she cared about the man, but that was long gone. All she felt for this man is hate and regret.

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Fall of an Heiress

Disclaimer: This will contain violence, self harm, and deep emotional distress. If any of these bother you, please do not go any further. The story of Mary is sad, but I see her story in so many out there. The profound sadness of a life gone wrong. This is to show that all the money in the world can’t make someone happy. Is this the end? We shall see. The readers will make this interactive as to whether she comes back from this, or she takes her rightful place in the ground next to her grandfather. I am not doing this to shame any of the other participants. I thank god for each of you. Mary wouldn’t be who she is to me if not for you, so thank you. I love you all more than you know.

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Waking up in Vegas pt-4

Four days in, four days with no food, minimal water, and nightmarish living conditions, a hotel was a surprise. Maybe my father had a change of heart? Not likely, but I could hope. Since the day he had me taken, till now, I prayed for death. Please if there is a God in heaven take me. I can’t do this anymore. It’s too hard to live my life in the shadows, fearing every noise that goes unexplained.

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