Red light

“Vanessa, you have an appointment with Mr. Red shoes. Information is on the fax machine.”

He was his usual Monday self. Cheerful and full of life. Who am I kidding? The Man has the personality of dry toast. He did run a tight office, though. He knew how to get the girl’s appointments and make sure the client was always happy. I will give him that much credit. I grabbed the paper on my way to the lounge. There was nothing that stood out in the requirements he had for today. Red shoes, red dress, hair in a bun, and arrive at 8 pmā€”nothing to curl my toes or make me jump for joy. My crush was long over for this Man.

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I’m in love with a stripper

“I can’t get better if I have never failed.”

Again, he wanted to see me. I often wondered why a newlywed would need to see a whore, but I guess that sometimes in love, you don’t always get it all. His wife was a beautiful model who could have any man, but she chose him. If I was to say why, I would say his bank account. He was a very wealthy CEO of a major company, and his kinks were not for the vanilla type woman.

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