Wendigo 15

The first step into the park, they walked on the same grounds as their ancestors before they had. With Jimmy in the led, the others followed, but mad it known, Jimmy was only there for one reason. To bait that bastard out and get to those kids out of their alive. If only he would have kicked those brats out earlier, Jimmy could be home and enjoying sitting in front of his television.

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Wednesday Prompt 9-9-20

“Only one rule. You can’t use your hands”

“I dare you!” he said.

Rolling her eyes, she couldn’t help but laugh. Why all the dares suddenly? Who pays for someone to sit an play games with them all night? He was the weirdest client to date. Usually, they did stupid things like stealing the hot sauce in a diner. Ordering pizza and having it sent elsewhere. Things that a teenager would do. This man was paying five grand a night to have a partner in crime. Tonight though, something seemed different from the man. He’s been drinking, and that’s never a good thing. Drunk men never make good choices.

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Genie, you’re free!

We all suffer from a little bit of mental illness. Whether it be depression, anxiety, and so many more. The one thing people forget is that “Normal” does not exist. There is no normal person because God didn’t make us boring for a reason. So honestly, let be nicer to everyone. #8-11-2014RIPGenieĀ 

You’re free.

Wrath 3

Like a child standing at the gates of Disneyland for the first time, Nicolette stood in front of the Vatican, watching the smoke fill the sky. Screams from bystanders to save the place brought a smile to her face. The only one who could stop the flames was the one who started the fire. Her eyes closed when she heard the voice, her body shaking from the thought of watching each building crumble to the ground.

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Hell is for children


The streets of Los Angeles come alive the moment the sun sets on the pacific ocean. Vivid lights illuminate the night. There is something wicked that creeps from the city’s bowels when the west coast closes its eyes for the night. The homeless that slept safely in the light of the day walk as though they are zombies looking for a soul to feast on. It’s safer to sleep in the daytime hours. At least more eyes are watching.

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