Today is a very scary time for America. If you are registered, please vote. Do not take today as though your vote does not matter. Some countries do not have the options we do. Get up, get out, and make some changes. I don’t care which way you go, and I won’t say how I did, but do not lose your rights.

Wednesday Prompt 9-9-20

“Only one rule. You can’t use your hands”

“I dare you!” he said.

Rolling her eyes, she couldn’t help but laugh. Why all the dares suddenly? Who pays for someone to sit an play games with them all night? He was the weirdest client to date. Usually, they did stupid things like stealing the hot sauce in a diner. Ordering pizza and having it sent elsewhere. Things that a teenager would do. This man was paying five grand a night to have a partner in crime. Tonight though, something seemed different from the man. He’s been drinking, and that’s never a good thing. Drunk men never make good choices.

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