“Come on, Charlie, stop hiding.”

Behind the closet door, a soft giggle seeps from under the ill-fitting door. No light, just the sound of a child’s laugh in almost a creepy sadist fashion. I’ve always known Charlie. He was my childhood friend, a confidant to a lonely child, and the only one who made the bad things go away. Being the typical latch key kid, Charlie was the only friend I had.

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Innocence sold

With college only a month away, there was one thing on this list that I hadn’t accomplished yet. Backtracking for a second, I made a list on graduation day of things I would achieve over the summer. All of them had done, but one. I was 18, attractive, and a virgin. Probably the last one on earth. I grew up in an ultra-conservative home. I am a firm believer that my parents fucked once, and that was when they conceived me.

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His visit

Maddy’s voice shrilled like a banshee. Sitting up in bed, her hand to her chest, she saw him again. That man, the one who hurt the woman in the forest, the dreams were back with a vengeance. At five-years-old, she witnessed the beginning of what the police would claim to be the most horrific crimes in the city’s history. Women were taken into the forest and killed. All of them seemed to be in a ritualistic fashion. The one that Maddy saw was no different. After a year of therapy, her parents decided that she was okay, and there would be no long term effects. Until this week, there weren’t.

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