Saturday Afternoons 9/12/2020

That familiar bench had seen better days. The wood is worn and now cracked and peeling from too many coats of paint. Once a year, the city came through to spruce up the park. Years of smearing the wood with a cheap white color coat, the city hoped to attract more people. Once a thriving place full of children, the worry of predators kept most families away. Fifty years ago, when the bench was fresh and new, families flocked to the beautiful park. Back then, the trees only saplings, and the little rusted out cart that rested by the concession stand was the only hope of getting a treat. Time and progress wore down the little guy, and more profits made selling cheap processed food. No one wanted the hand-dipped chocolate ice cream bars. Now, everyone searched for those laced with candy and a silly face. The world is changing, whether with like it or not.

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