Come little Kitten 1 of 4

Part 1 of 4

The first time out in public as a full-time Kitten was shocking for me. I feared the looks, names, and anger, but the envied look in other’s eyes was astonishing. It was a simple shopping trip that turned into an unbelievable sexual experience. Maybe it was the way I dressed that caught the attention of others, or it could be that a silk bow around my neck tied neatly to the side was the attraction. I’ve never been one to be shocked by the words of others, but today would be the day I slipped from my shell and into the world of fetish.

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Kitten Training ~ Feeding time

Master locked me away for hours while he played with his pet. My ear to the door, I listened to him fucking her as my heart twisted in pain. She screamed, he came, and the tears fell from my eyes. I had fallen in love with a man who would never be mine. The sorrow of a kitten runs deep, but for a moment in his lap, I would give my last breath. I am a devoted little sub who wants nothing more than a pat on the head, a warm bowl of milk, and the attention of her Master. 

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Kitten Training ~ Bath time

In the privacy of my room, I watched the mirror for any signs of life. My mouth’s still stained with residue from earlier in the day. I could still taste that girl on my lips. Sweet with a hint of copper, she had a delicious flavor. I never noticed the creak of the door but did feel the presence of another in the room. It was the shared air that got my attention right away. I knew it was not Master who had joined me. His scent was one that intoxicated me the moment I was in his presence. My visitor was female and smelled of fuck.

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Kitten Training ~ Bad Kitty

The night was horrid. All night locked away like a prisoner in my own body. Master took the ability to touch my own body, and though I understand, it’s intensified my needs for satisfaction. I feel like I am a child with a plate of candy in front of her and then told not to consume one. I found my hands touching without his consent, but of course, I felt nothing but frustration. When Master views the video, I am sure he will get great amusement from my frustrated actions. His sadistic nature sometimes does not benefit me in ways that I want.

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Kitten Training ~ The gift

The house was dim, but in the corner, he sat. Master or that is what I call him. I am sure he has a name, but I do not deserve to use it in his presence. That was the first thing when he brought me into his home to live. I made the mistake of speaking without approval, and for a week straight, I felt the wrath of a disgusted man.

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Kitten training – The stolen cream

My head rested on the bed while the couple was gone. I don’t know how long I was asleep, but my own moans woke me. Lost in the best dream, I felt a warm breath on my wet pussy lips. Fearing that I lost some of the cum, I jumped, praying that I had not disobeyed the woman. I was almost afraid to open my eyes, but when my lashes pulled apart to a slit, I couldn’t believe what was happening to me.

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Kitten borrowed for the night

Master decided that friends of his would spend some time tonight doing a little kitten training. When I think of that, the first thing that comes to mind is the tv show My Cat From Hell. I can only imagine what would happen if the host stopped by for some obedience training. I didn’t let Master know that I giggled over this. His humor is more black and white, well, with me, at least.

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Kitten training – 2

“Show me!”

I shook my head side to side. My lips refused to say the word I knew he hated. That word, he warned me when I met him that I would have three chances to use it, so do it wisely. What he neglected to tell me was what would happen when I reached the third level. Would I be banished from his home? Or worse, would he find it within himself to finally destroy my flawless body?

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