I quit

“Dave, we need to speak,” Gypsy said.

After two years of working for this man, she couldn’t do it anymore. Every time she told Dave something was off, he laughed in her face and sent her anyway. Most of the time, Gypsy was right to be concerned. Frank Paloma being the main reason she was leaving this place. His abuse took her to the breaking point. The fact that Dave laughed forced her to lose all trust in this man. How can you work for someone who has no soul? Gypsy was quickly learning the hard way that she was better than the life she chose. There was no way in hell her daughter would grow up with a mother who was “Just a whore.”

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Saving Grace

“Mommy, mommy, tell me again,” Grace giggled.

Sitting on the surfboard, watching the little dark-haired beauty run back and forth had become one of her favorite things. He was right, Hawaii was home, and she wished she would have listened to what he wanted for them in many ways. Two years have passed since they exchanged vows on the same beach she now sat with their daughter. Grace, so full of life and wonder, was the spitting image of her father. She has a spirit of adventure that could only be attributed to Kaine. A handful, but every second of the day, Gypsy found comfort in her smile. Her daughter would always be a gentle reminder that it was real. That there was love once.

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