Little girls are way to curious

Maddy’s voice shrieked like a banshee. Sitting up in bed, her hand to her chest, she saw him again—the one about the man who hurt the woman in the forest years ago. The dreams were back with a vengeance. At five-years-old, she witnessed the beginning of what the police would claim to be the most horrific crimes in the city’s history. Women were taken into the forest and killed. All of them seemed to be in a ritualistic fashion. The one that Maddy saw was no different. After a year of therapy, her parents decided that she was okay and there would be no long-term effects. Until this week, there weren’t.

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Return of the most notorious serial killer

decline of serial killers

“No, that can’t even be possible,” looking down at the test on the counter. Pregnant! It said she was pregnant. Five weeks and two days, to be exact. How the hell did this happen. She had been on the pill since she was 13 years old. Her mother made sure of that. Not that Evie was sexually active, but she was in an industry where the photographers were grabby, and the drugs were always available. At 20 years, old this was death to her career and her future. Evie could not raise herself, let alone a child.

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Never go in the woods alone

As she ran through the woods, her feet hit the moss with a thud each time. It was getting dark, and she was already late. Glancing down at the watch on her wrist, a gift from her grandmother, Lucy, didn’t see the branch fall. A crack echoed through the forest walls, the small animals running for cover. They sensed the danger before she had. Usually careful, the tall brunette was taking chances. She didn’t see the shadow that had been watching her from the edge of the water. As she fell face-first into the deeply cushioned ground cover, her body stiffened. The sound of footsteps broke her groans. She hadn’t planned on being out this late, and given her track record with strangers, this was a big mistake.

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