Remnants of lust

My finger curling, calling him forward, only to be met with a flat palm to halt his advances. Can you imagine my laughter from the look on your face? I can! It’s almost a pity to do what I have planned, but then again, he did call me his favorite cock tease. A girl like me has to live up to the reputation of being the biggest threat to erupting manhood. Eww, that word, so filthy. Manhood? What the hell is that? If we have to call it that name, we’re not old enough to use it, now are we?

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Sinful Sunday

Do not read if you have an aversion to adult writing and blasphemous situations.

My goal for the day wasn’t to ensure a one-way ticket into hell, but I am driving the crazy train into the heat by the end of the day. Today was my first time back to the church in years. I will admit that God and I don’t see eye to eye on many things, but I thought it was time to make up. Forgive those who trespass or something like that. Well, that’s what I saw on a billboard while driving down the freeway. Maybe it wasn’t even the saying, but the Priest was hot in that picture. Perhaps that was put there to bring in the sinners and save their souls from everlasting hell. Either way, he was attractive, and here I am stepping back into the place I swore I would never enter into again.

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Innocence sold

With college only a month away, there was one thing on this list that I hadn’t accomplished yet. Backtracking for a second, I made a list on graduation day of things I would achieve over the summer. All of them had done, but one. I was 18, attractive, and a virgin. Probably the last one on earth. I grew up in an ultra-conservative home. I am a firm believer that my parents fucked once, and that was when they conceived me.

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Wedding night

“People are watching,” she whispered.

Sitting at a table for twelve, Gypsy knew she was there for a job, but what the hell. She was to be a dinner date for Domino Scarletta, but the room was full of guests, and the bride and groom hadn’t even cut the cake yet. Domino was the best man and thought attractive. He wanted an escort for a date tonight. Any girl in the room would have fucked him ten times by now, so this was awkward. When he slipped his hand under the table, forcing her legs to part, she dropped the salad fork.

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Walk of shame

Gypsy dug her nails into his chest. That smirk on her lips was that of the kitten that caught the canary. The power play between the two was pure adrenaline on her part. She prided herself on being the perfect submissive female. She would put Anna Steel to shame, but in reality, she was the opposite. The more life found her, the more she realized that she was no longer the victim of others’ sexual needs.

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