Truthful Tuesday 10/12/20

I don’t understand hate. Each person, good or bad, travels through our lives for a reason. They teach us how we want to be, and how we don’t. Often I tell those that have abused me mentally that I love them. People think that’s silly, and maybe me being sarcastic. Neither to be honest. I tell them that because they need to hear it the most. We never know the path one travel on to meet us, so do not judge the ground beneath them. Love is free. Give it away.

A.J. Luna

Walk of shame

Gypsy dug her nails into his chest. That smirk on her lips was that of the kitten that caught the canary. The power play between the two was pure adrenaline on her part. She prided herself on being the perfect submissive female. She would put Anna Steel to shame, but in reality, she was the opposite. The more life found her, the more she realized that she was no longer the victim of others’ sexual needs.

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As he smeared the head of his cock up and down her wet lips, she grabbed his hand. It wasn’t that she feared the pain, but that she wanted to watch her lips wrap around the head as he fully engulfed her tight cunt. Her mouth threatened to protest, but her eyes lit the way for his entrance into her starving wet walls. Inch by inch, those delicate lips parted, the head of his cock smearing with her honey. Pulling back, he slapped the mushroom tip on her swollen pussy, juices splattering on her thighs.

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