She’s tired

How can you tell that you’re truly broke? Is there a rage inside of our souls that drives us to the brink of insanity? Or, could it be that the river of tears the flow from your eyes abruptly stop, and the laughter beings. Not a childlike laugh of happiness, but that screech from the clown at the carnival type. One where the head falls back, and the lips involuntarily move. That’s when you can tell that you’re off your rocker bat shit crazy. You’ve lost it.

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The Princess

From the window of her palace, the Princess slid down the trellis, not stopping until her feet hit the dirt. Inside, the walls of that home held the screams of a soul the world forgot. She cried for help, yet the staff huddled in the corner, laughing at the selfish little waif. Did everyone know the secret to her pain and allow the merciless dragon to destroy her? Her eyes drawn up for one last look, the Queen’s shadow playing on the wall, a drink in hand, she danced the night away as she rejoiced in the glory that she finally had the King all to herself.

A.J. Luna

She waited

The last pew on the left, the wood is so worn from years of prayer, there sat a soul so tattered that she screamed internally every time she walked into the hallowed halls. Hands resting on the dilapidated bible, it was a gift on the day she took her first communion in that very church. The faint scent of incense moved through the building like a gloomy June fog. Her nose burning the moment she took the first inhale of the sweet aroma. A mixture of heaven and hell, she slumped at the shoulders, awaiting his visit like a man awaits his walk through the green mile.

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Picked clean

Heaven and hell raged in her heart. Lashes on her skin, she wore his welts, knowing that every strike on her perfect flesh was worthy of the screams of rage deep within her soul. His hands wrote the next chapter in her tortured life. He wouldn’t stop until all hope was picked from her bones in his acidic reign of power and greed. Did she deserve his wrath, or was she another victim to greed?

A.J. Luna

Monday seduction

It all starts with seduction. Hot and wet, the warmth blankets the soul each time you indulge in another hit of your addiction. Lean back, close your eyes and allow the body to cascade into a pool of warm lust. Open that mouth, I dare you, wider, open, that’s a good girl. Allow the sensation of heat rush through your veins. That shiver up your spine is the first indication that you’ve fed the beast inside.

A.J. Luna

And that’s how I got kicked out of Starbucks!

Are you afraid of the dark?

Rumor has it that lurking in the woods is a community of misfit wonders who have banded together to become a family. Ghouls, witches, and clowns reign, where the city meets the forest. Some say if you go in the woods alone at night, the family of freaks will never allow you to leave. Do you believe in the creatures that dance in the moonlight, crying for the loss of those they love?

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