The visitor

Reformatted and reposted

Have you ever just felt consumed? It’s the best feeling in the world, yet the scariest. For Gypsy, she’s obsessed with an image. Someone, she didn’t know wrecked havoc in her mind, and the harder she tried to rid herself, the deeper his nails dug. Who the fuck was this face that had haunted her for the past week. Tall, dark, and she sensed something destructive. Why did every fragment of hair stand on end when he entered her mind? An over-active imagination can be a dangerous place to play.

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The Submission

Without thinking, I moved my hand to the band now placed around my neck. Should I take it off and run? Or, should I embrace this new life that was chose for me.? I still didn’t know why it was me chosen and not someone else. Surely others wouldn’t need to be trained. I am a complete novice in this life. The one of submissive/ Domination. It is almost a sickness that will drive one to give everything about themselves to another person and trust them to not emotionally hurt them.

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