The brush dripping with paint, the artist puts her soul into her work. Stark white, she held the tip of her finger over the bucket, piercing the skin with a needle. One drip, two, three, mesmerized as she watched strands of red taint the bucket. One person’s chaos is another person’s masterpiece.

A real artist puts her dark into the light.

A.J. Luna


Her heart mending like a fence downed in the storm. Each new day brings another slat to support the one before. In the end, she will have knot holes and nicks, but her foundation will be strong. Never doubt yourself. Beyond that rickety gate is where the real journey begins.

A.J. Luna


Love so simple, so sweet. She never saw the pain until there was nothing left. Like the vulture picking his prey, his words scathed her flesh, striping her closer to bone each time he spoke. When he was done, on the side of life’s highway, she was left. Was this the circle of life, or was this theft. Lies told in the dark always come out in the light.

A.J Luna


Saturated with need, her hands raked over his flesh, the masterpiece she would create more perfect than any hung on the wall. Nails stained with bits of the past, she consumed each drop to have him inside of her once again. The need for salvation deep, she would expire her heart for another drink of desire.

A,J Luna


Salacious sins filled her mind with such devilish delights. The feel of his warmth enveloping every inch of her soul, she craved him like a drug. The body was not needed for this journey into a dark abyss. Entice my mind and my body will follow you anywhere.

A.J. Luna