Love so simple, so sweet. She never saw the pain until there was nothing left. Like the vulture picking his prey, his words scathed her flesh, striping her closer to bone each time he spoke. When he was done, on the side of life’s highway, she was left. Was this the circle of life, or was this theft. Lies told in the dark always come out in the light.

A.J Luna


Saturated with need, her hands raked over his flesh, the masterpiece she would create more perfect than any hung on the wall. Nails stained with bits of the past, she consumed each drop to have him inside of her once again. The need for salvation deep, she would expire her heart for another drink of desire.

A,J Luna


Salacious sins filled her mind with such devilish delights. The feel of his warmth enveloping every inch of her soul, she craved him like a drug. The body was not needed for this journey into a dark abyss. Entice my mind and my body will follow you anywhere.

A.J. Luna


Shoulders pinned to the bed, he hovers like a thief in the night. Lights flashing, the scent of cigars burning her nose. He’s brought them home with him again. She screams, but the room is silent. Her voice caught in the back of her throat, wondering if her mother will save her this time. Each tear that stains the sheets is another loss of innocence at the hands of the beast.

A.J. Luna


Battered and bruised, she crawled her way back from hell. A throne awaits her. One saturated in the lust of all before her. She will never forget the words he whispered in her ear before she slit him stem to stern with her words, “Never doubt your worth. You are Camelot’s new Princess. Make the name proud”

A.J Luna

The Power

Hovering, she lowered herself till they became one. Her hands placed in the center of his chest, hips moving to the beat. He begged her to take him harder, she refused. A shake of her wild golden mane, she would only move to the beat of his heart, though her body begged for more. It was an exchange of power. She took what was hers. When his hands gripped her hips, forcing her to accelerate, she warned him with her nails to his chest, trickles of crimson desire pooling in the center. She fed on the warm liquid of life.

A.J. Luna

The Voyeur

Red painted nails, she curled her finger at the knuckle, calling him forward. Using her hand to halt him when he came to close. A simple point to the chair, her lips curled in a seductive snarl. Her body without a stitch, she moved her hands where he desired to touch. An artist without her brush, the tips of her fingers brushed soft strokes until her entire being painted with crimson hue.

The voyeur and the artist.

Lies 2

His hand pressed her face against the pillow, his teeth raking the blade of her shoulder with a playful need. If you asked him if he wanted her, he would admit that he did, but his need to torture her was intense. He loved how she cried when her body shook beneath his, her ass pushing up as his cock nestled between the cheeks. Tonight was a power play. In his twisted mind, he wanted her to beg for relief. Did he know the danger that lighting a fire and blowing it out before it burned could do to a woman? His body slammed down against hers, simulating fucking her. His cock remained without the confines of her velvet laced walls.

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The Kiss

Inching closer, she focused not on his face, but his lips. Full, with a defined pout, the moment their breath became one, she salivated for him. The first touch as light as a feather, her body layered with a thin blanket of prickled lust. Her lashes sealing, their lips touched for the first time. This was the moment she was addicted and knew the definition of a morphine laced kiss. She would be the vein, and his lips the needle. Make me your addict.

A.J. Luna

Storm inside


My soul is tired. I need to dance naked in the rain and cleanse my skin of the filth the world has laid upon me. My heart is broken, my dreams shattered, but the waters from the heavens above will scrub clean a tainted angel who fell from the heavens.. God, if your listening, please calm the storm that rages.

A.J. Luna