I’ve missed a week of writing. That is something that hasn’t happened to me in a few years. I feel like I am getting too deep inside of my own head these days and honestly, feeling pretty much like a failure. I know, cheer up, but sadly the world doesn’t happen that way. Maybe it’s being locked away for 18 months because I am scared of covid. The lack of human contact or touch. I don’t know. I am getting back to writing today if I can. I am just not feeling physically or emotionally well.

A.J. Luna

Would you die for me?

She entered the room knowing that he waited. His large frame consumed the space. A sudden tightness in her chest, she lessened to volume of air between the two. As her soul trembled, she pressed her back against his chest, exhaling for the first time. His hand to her sternum, she pulled him slowly to the slender hallow of her neck. As they watched the mirror, his smirk widened as his hand tightened. “Would you kill for me?” he asked.

A.J. Luna

The Arrest -12-

Gypsy knew the rules of the game. She learned them at seventeen. In two years time she felt as though she had lived a lifetime. Rule number one, you never reveal the client’s name or what happened during the meeting. Until today, she kept that promise to herself. Everything had changed in the past week, and it was time for her to lay her cards on the table. It would make or break her decision to walk back into the escort business again. Gypsy was about to lose everything she worked so hard to get. Her credibility.

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His hand met her skin, the fragile curve of her neck fitting perfectly in his grasp. Against the wall her body blended, his lips a breath away from the feast. That cocky smirk curling his lip, one slow push down the wall and she rested on her knees. His eyes down, the smirk deepening as a raspy growl asked one question. “Do you deserve it?”

The Arrest -11-

Thirty minutes before reaching Vegas, Gypsy realized one thing. She had nowhere to go once she got there, and whatever she chose needed to have enough privacy for her not to be recognized. The moment that Mary Kennedy entered Vegas, every rag magazine would take pictures and harassing why she was there. Settling on a Motel 6, she called ahead and made reservations under the name Jamie Smith. Hookers and druggies frequented those off the strip places. Not the place that you would find the Great Granddaughter of a dead President. She was sure of one thing, though. After tonight, she would be dead, or free. She was prepared for either of the two. Breathing was beginning to be an effort that she was tired of.

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Are You Awake -10-

Slamming the door of the apartment, Lola turned, her cheeks flaming a heat that burned like hell. “What the hell was that? You acted like a child in front of a man. I told you, if you make me look bad, you won’t be going with me anymore,” Lola scolded. Tossing her purse on the couch, Lola stood with her hands perched on her hips as though she were waiting for a fight. Lola had to work with this man, and she secretly saw, dating, his best friend. In no way did she want to seem like a groupie.

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