Dying love

Her lips spoke the most delicious tales of lust. Each word dripping with emotions that he was not able to understand. Cries, no pleas of salvation would go unnoticed when the beast met the maiden. She was his haven, and he was her drug. That decadence addiction of filth and debauchery. In the end, the flames consumed them both. Some things burn at such an intense heat that they can never last. Their love was one such thing.

AJ Luna

The scent

His teeth raked her skin, the touch light, but still, tracks made. He would not stop till he found his mark. On her hip, the crease between the hip and thigh, the sweetest spot of all. Nestled between her legs, his nose tantalized by the sweet scent from under her white lace panties. He couldn’t deny himself a brief detour. Nuzzling his nose in the soft fabric, a small hit of indulgence to sedate his watering mouth, A low growl as he pulled himself back, his teeth would bury within her butter soft flesh, mouth filling with a sudden burst crimson fluid. The man, this man, claimed her for his own.

A.J. Luna


She toyed with him. Bringing him to the place he so desperately sought. His knees! Looking down as the smirk played on her lips, she took the seat across from him, lifting her stiletto to his lips, pushing against them. “Open,” she said, laughing when he did. She was no Dominate but tonight he would sleep with the memories of her presence all over his flesh. She might be expensive, but to cum inside of her was an honor he would never have.

AJ Luna

The Artist

Sunlight beaming through the glass covered room, rays of light dancing on the walls. An artist is at home in her gallery, painting the world through her vison alone. Stark naked, flawless, the canvas waiting for the first strike of her brush. Colors so vibrant they out shine the sun, she follows the pattern of light from the stained glass windows across the way. Dark, dangerous, and filled with the sins of the world, she prays without a God present that when the sun kisses the moon goodnight, she doesn’t become her own canvas.

Mistress to the mafia pt-1


Have you ever met one person that you can’t forget? Whether good or bad, their presence left a stain on your blue silk dress. At the age of 17, Gypsy was on the cusp of womanhood, and the first night of being an Escort. She was still a virgin then. Is it even possible for someone that age to have retained their virginity for that long? She once dreamed of saving that perfectly packaged little cherry for the man she loved. The need for money changed that. It’s funny how that happens. Starvation can change a person. 

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Walking into the past, the scent of sin laced her lips. Seductive moves, her hands tracing over his chest, nails dragging till the beds of her nails painted with red. Nothing is as it seems. Sugar is meant to melt when the heat boils over. To taste it is to be blessed, to burn is to find pleasure in her pain.

A.J Luna

The beast

So delicate he parted her lips, the moment the sweet nectar touches his fingers, all of humanity drains from his soul. Not man, but beast, his nails scar the walls that bind them, A fury unleashed at depths that can never be repaired.
His hand to her neck, he reminded her where she belonged. He had already carved his name deep in her slick walls, the pads of his nails still covered with the memories. Shoving his fingers down her throat, he fed her his addiction.

A.J Luna

Dear Agony

She was raped with his words. Her life taken by everything he ever told her. Soul stripped and bared for the vultures to peck from. They call it the circle of life. You die to feed others. Her heart once radiant with life, tightened with each lie he ever told. Dear Agony, I’m waiting. Make it swift.


Fingers collapsing around her throat, her eyes smeared with tears. Quickly she was losing the last of the air in her lungs. No is not a word in his vocabulary, nor one she should have used. Slowly as the smirk played upon his lips, he took the last of what she had, watching those beautiful blues seal for the last time. “Pity, you could have been special.”