Phone Sex Escape -28-

“What do you mean Johnathan is sending you to a hotel spa for the evening? Why? He never allows me to go anywhere like that,” I complain. It’s not fair that this woman walked in off the street, and she’s allowed everything I am not. I don’t understand what my husband is doing right now, but I’m scared because none of this is sitting right with me. 

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Everything comes with a price tag

“Vanessa, the Bishop would like to see you in his office,” said Mother Superior. Her tone dry and to the point. Everyone knows that she has no soul. She is the one who recruits the young bags of flesh and turns them into what the novice would call Nuns. For the most part, the girls were from broken homes, runaways, and some even came to the church after a life on the streets. Not all of them innocent, but when they found ones like Vanessa, the depraved of the world would pay top dollar to be the one who destroyed their faith.

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Phone Sex Escape -25-

I stood in the doorway, head tilting to the side, and for a minute wondering if I stepped into the twilight zone. My life has suddenly become an alternate universe, and I’m ready to get off this ride. Losing control of anything will never be acceptable to a person like me. Self admittedly, I am a control freak. For the next few minutes, I prolong that agony. Not mine, but Haven’s because I can feel her anxiety as she stands there like a scared child. It’s almost worth all the trouble she has caused to see my wife in a tormented state of disarray.

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