Here cums the sun

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As the sun began to rise, I suddenly remembered why I left the blinds open the night before. Laying next to me was my latest escape. I think his name was Tom, but it could have been Ted. Honestly, I didn’t bother to remember it because I thought this one night stand would end with him leaving in the middle of the night. It wasn’t that I didn’t care for him. I’m not too fond of the early morning awkward goodbye. Something about this man made me want a little breakfast in bed.

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Kitty training

“Open your mouth, dammit,” he said.

I shook my head from side to side. It wasn’t until he pinched my nose did I open wide. One, then two, and then another. What the hell was he trying to do? He pulled his fingers back, spitting on them before forcing them back in my mouth. What he did was what he called training for the perfect little Kitten. The tall, handsome man had eyes that penetrated the soul each time he looked my way, which he did often. He knew he was making me his puppet, and I let him teach me how to pleasure a cock using his finger as the instrument of oral pleasure.

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Wrath 16

After hours of begging Gypsy to sleep, Nicolette won the battle of exhaustion. The hospital room contained not only a bed for Grace but one for the mother as well. The perks of being wealthy are that the world around you stops and listens when you cry. If Gypsy had been poor, she would still be in the waiting room with a sick child in her arms. Only those with status receive the care that every human deserves. Nicolette knew her cousin used the money card to get in, but she couldn’t condemn her. Any parent given the same situation would have done the same thing.

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Remnants of lust

My finger curling, calling him forward, only to be met with a flat palm to halt his advances. Can you imagine my laughter from the look on your face? I can! It’s almost a pity to do what I have planned, but then again, he did call me his favorite cock tease. A girl like me has to live up to the reputation of being the biggest threat to erupting manhood. Eww, that word, so filthy. Manhood? What the hell is that? If we have to call it that name, we’re not old enough to use it, now are we?

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Wrath 15

Nicolette, a light sleeper, sat straight up in the car when she heard her cousin pull from the drive and her car skidding as she left the house. She knew by the look on the young blond’s face that something was wrong, horribly wrong. Gypsy may have demanded Nicolette go, but she would never let Grace out of her sight. She made a promise she vowed to keep forever.

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Wrath 14

“Get out of my house,” Gypsy screamed.

The young blond didn’t care that her daughter was asleep. This woman, her cousin, had ruined her life. Grace had a father, and her father was dead. She would never entertain the fact that a monster was the biological father of her 8-month-old daughter. Grace was everything in the world that was beautiful, and that man was pure evil. She would never admit to anyone that this could be possible.

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Wrath 13

None of this was real, or was it? Nicolette felt as though she was living in a bad dream, and she couldn’t wake up. With Arison gone, the Demon at bay, and Thanatos not speaking, she was at her wits end as to how to keep this child out of harm’s way. If someone was coming, would they walk-in as friend or foe. Would they befriend her only to get the child into their hands? Or would that take her like thieves in the night and destroy her before Nicolette could save her? It was the unknown that drove her to the brink of insanity. All of this clouded her mind, and she needed to find peace over panic.

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Wrath 12

New fear setting in. Nicolette watched as the soothed child now slept. She seemed to be calmed by his presence. It was as though they were to meet today, but she hated to see him with his hands on Grace. That man didn’t know what it was to love anyone, let alone a child. How could he? He was born of evil and resided in the hell he made for himself. She despised him, but in the back of her mind, he started a fire she never knew existed inside of her. One-touch, and she craved more. When she looked into the face of the sleeping child, all she could see was peace. Thankfully she didn’t know the hell that awaited her when she aged.

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