The Gatekeeper -2-

How the hell could my family expect me to get married at 18 and have a child 9 months later? I don’t care what my mother did. That was her stupidity. Just because she wanted to live with a man with over one wife does not mean I do. I have a life to live and a world to explore. I guess I have never felt like the rest of them. All they do is walk around like a group of stepford wives who kiss the asses of all the men around them. My life is worth more than being a breeder for a family of Neanderthal men.

“Lilith, if you walk out that door, I will never welcome you back into the house,” he warned.

My father stood in front of the massive door that blocked me from the freedom I so desperately wanted. His arms crossed over his chest, there wasn’t one emotion on his face other than fury. I am the youngest of 12 children, and the only one who has had the balls to stand up for what I believe it. My sisters might be sheep, but I damn well am not going to spend the rest of my life laying on my back spitting out child after child because a man says that’s what why a woman was put on the earth to do. It’s 2021 and someone forgot to tell the men in my house that we can have jobs, wear pants, and even earned the right to vote. That is something my mother and sisters have never experienced. The moment I am gone, you better believe I will use the rights given to me and make something of myself.

“You can’t keep me here. I am not a sheep,” I screamed. The moment the words came from my mouth, I could feel my mother’s heartbreak. She is a good woman, but has known nothing but servitude to a man.

“Last chance,” he said, stepping aside.

I have 200 dollars in my pocket, an ID, and the few articles of clothing that I could pack in a hurry. The money came from a jar in the kitchen that my mom was saving to get my father a gift for his birthday. She worked hard for it, but I need it more than that old bastard needs something he will never use. Let one of his other women give him a token for being asshole of the year.

“I’ll take my chances. I can’t live like these people here. My mother deserves more than what you are giving her,” I spat, walking out before he could backhand me across the room. It was my mother’s cries that made me turn around. I know she is worried, but I also know that she wishes it was her running away from this hell. The slam of that massive door was the last thing I heard from my family, well, until the day I stopped running and stood on the porch of my eldest brother. I didn’t realize that 200 dollars only would get me 2 nights in a hotel and a couple of meals. Another thing women may not have is money. I blame my lack of knowing the worth of a dollar on homeschooling and seclusion from the world around me.

“I am the fucking gatekeeper and you now belong to me!” Donavan screamed.

I can’t stop the pounding in my ears from his words. My brother left the home before I was born, but until today I thought he would be the one I could turn to in the time of need. He’s wealthy, self made, and as I learned today, the spitting image of my father.

“What the fuck do you mean, I belong to you? I left that tyrant and I only came here for help. Why are you speaking to me like this?” I cried. For the first time, I saw the same fury in my brother’s face that I saw in my father’s and it scares me.

His laugh booming through the house as he retracted his hand, landing where intended. “You are ungrateful for what they gave to you. All that father wanted was the best for you. Don’t you understand that being a female and out on your own makes you a sitting duck for perverts?” he growled. Donovan wanted to wrap his hands around the neck of his sister and choke her until the life left her body.

“Donavan, stop. I will leave if this is such a big deal,” I cried. My hand to my face the moment he hits me, all I can taste is blood in my mouth. Even my father never laid hands on me, not that he didn’t threaten it many times. “You don’t own me, or did you forget, I am not a child anymore,” I screamed.

Donovan wrapped his hand in my hair, dragging me down the long hallway. Thank god for hardwood floors. I can’t imagine the damage a rug would do to my legs. Why didn’t the staff stop this? Oh, I forgot, they were all female and less than human as well. God damn, none of these women think for themselves anymore. It sickens me to think about what Donavan could do to me, but the moment the door opened to a bedroom, he pushed me in and out of his sight. The door locked from the outside and he was keeping me a prisoner in his home.

“Let me fucking out of here. This is kidnapping and I will have you arrested,” I screamed, but the last word was just a whisper. No need to set him off any more than I had. I’m sure there has to be a way out of this place. Surely a window opens, or he will have to let me out sometime, right? All I wanted was to find my own way in the world, but now once again, a man is going to lead the way.

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