Happy New Year

What a way to end 2021. The loss of an icon. 2021 you really were a shit show, and I am glad you’re gone. There is so many people you could have taken, and yet you decide to take the last Golden Girl.

I am not going to do that whole New Year, New Me lie. I plan on making some changes to my life, but if I don’t fill them all, I am going to forgive myself. I am not going to do as I always have and be hard on the human inside of me. This will be the hardest thing I have ever done, but I am tired of making myself feel bad for not getting things done. They will get done when I am ready.

Go easy on yourself. None of us gets out of this alive. In the end of it all, we all go to the same place. Just allow yourself a little forgiveness. I will see you all soon when I post my first blog this year. God Bless and thank you all for travelling on this journey with me.

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