Where am I going in 2022?

Where do I go from here? To be completely transparent, I haven’t written in over a month now. I guess you can say that I have lost my muse for the words. As much as that pains me to say, I need to figure out how to get them back. Any suggestions? lol

In the past year, I have published 2 books and failed miserably. No, I am not writing for the money or the fame, but I could not even get feedback on my books. The last book I even gave away over 80 copies, and no feedback. Something doesn’t sit well with me on that because when I tracked who read the book to the end, the number was quite high. So, if amazon is screwing me out of the feedback, or was it not worth a review? In all honesty, I had a friend buy the book and try to leave me feedback. Amazon would not give me credit for it. Never try to contact them because you will get the royal runaround. How do I know what I did wrong if I may not see the comments that others leave for me?

So long story short, what do I do? I have 2 books almost complete, and is it worth paying for a cover and for the book to be formatted when no one will see my work? My next two books are (1) a book of novella horror stories and (2) an erotic story of a young nun. I tried to use Kindle Vella and they censor your writing to where it was not worth publishing. I dislike to be told what I can, and cannot write. So, where do I go from here? Stick with blogging whatever I want, make this blog more structured, or should I publish and allow amazon to screw me over again?

Another thing. I have noticed that my Kitten stories are my highest views. Should I use that as a muse and continue to write what people what to see? I am just rambling here, but any suggestions will help.

Thanks for listening.

14 thoughts on “Where am I going in 2022?

  1. I put words together but make no claims to being a writer and am unqualified to critique others work as far as style. Writing is hard and is one of the toughest professions to succeed at. If I was a writer, I think I’d prefer to fall back on my training or get more rather than listen to feedback from people who might not know what they are talking about. Your writing is much better than mine.

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  2. A thought: You could expand beyond Amazon and publish more widely. A convenient place to do that is Draft 2 Digital. You upload a Word doc of your book, and they’ll format it to an ebook. You choose where you want it published: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple, and many others. The cost is that Draft 2 Digital will take a percentage when you sell a book. You’d have to take your books off Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited. But you have an easier time by not dealing with Amazon directly. Just a thought 🙂

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  3. I’d say join Goodreads and refer people there to post reviews. Keep writing and publish. Try Lulu instead of Amazon. They are just as good, better quality books, same reach except delivery times might be a few days longer than for Amazon. Amazon screwed me over too. But we have to find workarounds.

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  4. Great point, Have you tried using Smashwords, it’s similar to Amazon, they are pretty good about how your work is presented. They also sell to Barnes and Noble, Apple Books, Scribt, and others, so you get pretty broad visibility. Give them a try, they are great to work with.

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