Kitten Stories -22-

“Why?” I cried the moment I closed the door to my suite. Why can’t I cum tonight? My entire body is on fire from the events earlier in the evening, and now I can’t even get the satisfaction granted to others. Why does he hate me so much? Of course, I know that this is all a part of my training, but right now it’s just torture to not have him using my body in all his favorite sick and twisted ways. Master is just reassuring me I am his property, not his woman. I wish, wait, no, I don’t. I chose this life for a reason. A man loves a woman and puts her on the highest pedestal. I want a man who will tame me until I purr, when I catch a whiff of his scent and drop to my knees the moment he walks into the room. I want my Master.

As I moved from the door, there was only one thing to do. A long hot bath to ease the tension from my body. He might be in the Presidential suite, but this one was perfect for me. A round tub right in the middle of the room sent shivers up and down my spine. I turned the water on fully on hot, pouring a capful of the bubble bath provided by the hotel. It was somewhere between a fragrant peach, to a delightful floral scent. Either way, I felt chills up and down my spine as the anticipation of scalding my skin set in. On the stool next to the bath, someone placed two very large white towels. I didn’t need to touch them to know that they are the kind that make you feel as though it wrapped you in a big soft hug. My favorite kind.

“Maybe this will make me feel better,” I whisper to myself.

I waited until the tub was on the verge of spilling over to turn the water off. Hopefully, that didn’t happen. I’ve watched too many movies where the bathtub fell through the floor and the room underneath received an unwelcomed surprise. I am sure if I did something like that the punishment would be brutal, though it would be amusing to see the look on the persons in the room below me face. Already nude, I gracefully stepped into the water, wincing the moment the heat hit my skin. “Fuck,” growling, there is something so erotic about hot water. It only took a moment for me to become accustomed to the change in temperature. Slowly kneeling, my heart raced the deeper I submerged myself in the tub. Was this what lava felt like when it hit the flesh? Closing my eyes, I pushed through the pain and forced myself to become fully submerged in the tub.

Complete silence consumed all of my thoughts for the moment. I didn’t want to think about my needs right now. I know I need to learn patience and that was why I was sent back to my room for the evening. Did Master feel I am greedy about his time? Is he placing me in exile? Without thinking, I brushed my fingers down my breasts, my nipples hardening almost immediately. Rolling the nubs with my digits, I tugged hard with my nails, wishing that it was his teeth claiming my soft tissue. A shiver starting from my toes moved up my entire body, giving me almost an aura of relaxation. I am not trying to cum, but I love the aspect of self edging. From my breasts down, my fingers trailed lightly over the hot skin. God, if Master knew what I was doing, he would never forgive me. He would rip the collar from my neck and toss me on the streets naked and alone as punishment.

Lower, my hand travelled until it met with the swell of my mound. Bald as the day I was born, my fingers lightly brushed over the lips, careful not to touch my throbbing clit. I knew that once I pushed the button, there would be no way I could hold back my orgasm. “Shhh, just one moment,” I mumbled to myself. As I moved to the farthest point, I used my nails to drag back to the top of my pussy. Seething pain enveloped my body as the nails dug into the flesh and the hot water seeped into the soft lines now formed. “Shit, fuck, stop it,” I scolded. I had to stop before being caught. It was at that moment that I remembered the video camera Master used at the house to watch over me. What if he was watching me right now? Surely, he could not see my hands, but my face and words would be a dead giveaway. I will never have a poker face when it comes to pleasure.

Reluctantly, I pulled back in the nick of time. A sharp knock on the adjoining door and the voice on the other side gave me a strict warning. “Get out of the bath and go to bed. If you cum, you will not like what happens to you,” he said. I didn’t reply, but submerged my entire being into the water, holding my breath until my lungs screamed for help. Between the lack of air and the heat on my face, I knew that the only place I was safe tonight was in bed, like a good little kitten. I will never betray him again.

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