May 30th 2019

Writer’s words: This is something I wrote in the past. It led up to my Saving Grace book. I just found it and thought I would share. I love finding hidden treasures.

May 30th 8 am

“She will be alone tonight. All of her friends have plans, and she’s at the house alone. Target will be taken tonight.”

The text sent to Spencer Kennedy was short and to the point. Mary Elizabeth Kennedy would be dead before the last strike of the clock tonight. His daughter’s light extinguished like a burnt light bulb. Would Spencer miss her? Would he have remorse? The man was capable of neither.

May 30th 4 pm

Dancing through the house with her friend, she was taking this day to spend with those she loved. Dancing, singing and laughing. If only it could rain. It would be the perfect day for a storm. Gypsy was a believer in a universe cleansed by the heavens above.

“I have to head out for a while. Just lock up when you go.”

The young blond would not explain where she was going, or even what she was doing. This was important to her though. She needed to make peace with someone.

In her bedroom, she changed into a flowing skirt in a multitude of colors, her blouse white, and cropped to expose a bare midriff. This was who she was. The little gypsy with ankles adorned in bells, and toes covered in rings. She didn’t fit in with anyone, but she never needed to. Her love for herself was all she needed.

The drive would take 30 minutes. The blond arrived at church just as the sun was setting, the light behind the cross illuminating the golden cross that sat on the highest steeple. Hesitant for a moment, the young girl pushed herself through the mighty rod iron gates just as the chapel bells alerted her of the time. That sound would forever stay with her and remind her of the peace she felt.

Ding ding, ding, ding. times 8, it was now 8 pm in the evening, and she knew there wasn’t much time left. Her father had made it clear that today was the day she would perish a horrible death. Did he know that she was no longer afraid to die? That would infuriate him if he did. Spencer Kennedy thrived on scare tactics, but this would be the one time she would not feed his inner beast.

The smell of incense pushed through the church, her nose filling with sweet aromas of frankincense. It had always reminded her of the school halls that she roamed as a child. Seated in the front of the small chapel, well, it did seat over 200, but compared to the church, it was small. Why do people good people die, and yet the bad are allowed to live? She was no angel, but she had never wish bad on anyone. She had never hurt a soul that she knew of, and she didn’t deserve to die.

Mary Elizabeth sat in the pew till the next set of bells rang out. It was getting close. Hearing the opening of the chapel door, she knew this was where she would die. Where she would take the last breaths of her life. Heavy footfalls down the carpet cover aisle brought a sense of dread to her. Not fear though. She was not scared to die, in fact, she was scared to live. With tonight’s events, she would finally be free of running.

“Well if it isn’t Gypsy Rose Kennedy in the flesh!”

The voice behind her calling out, she stiffened the moment her name was said. For the first time in her life, she had hoped she was wrong.

“Stand up and move. We’re leaving!”

His voice firm as the unknown male requested that she leave, they both knew what tonight would end like. No one had to be a fortune teller for this view of the future.

Nodding, just a simple nod, the young blond stood, her eyes forward and she said a silent prayer to the symbolic statue in the front of the church. With a slow turn, this would be the first glance she would have at the man who would take her life. She didn’t know him. Had never laid eyes on him, but she etched every detail into her brain, knowing she wanted to claim his soul when he entered hell.

“I’m not leaving here. If you have to do it, do it where I know that God roams. Do it where I know that even a whore is allowed to visit without shame. Tell my father that. Tell him that his little girl is a 5 grand a night whore and she still wouldn’t fuck him!”

The young girl baited him with her words, hoping that someone would hear the altercation between them, but no one did. With her arms crossed over her chest, defiant even to the end, she glared at the man. If he was going to kill her, he would not get the pleasure of her tears.

“So be it. “

As he said the last word, the silver revolver in his hand rose, a single shot rang out. Falling back to the carpet below, her body limp, every moment of her life rushed through her head. Her childhood, youth, and the moments she had spent with the man she loved. Yes, he didn’t take away that from her. She loved TJ and that was the best feeling in her entire life.

“I’d never given much thought to how I would die – though I’d had reason enough in the last few months – but even if I had, I would not have imagined it like this.”

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