Dreaming of the Devil

I have this dream that last night developed into something so intense I ripped the sheets off my bed. Not getting properly laid in a year is driving me to the brink of insanity. I know the man I am dreaming of, but I won’t say his name out loud. I can’t. He tastes like arsenic every time I even think of him. There is something so forbidden inside of me I can’t even fathom letting another man touch me. Not when I know, even without a touch, I know that no one could ever satisfy my needs again.

“Don’t you fucking dare come into my dream again tonight,” I warned. As my hand pulled the corner of the sheets tight, I smoothed out the linen to a flawless surface. Clean sheets are a little kink of mine. Sleeping naked feels incredible when the bed is freshly made. Pink with the tiniest of dots, everything about my bed screams female. Why not? I allow no one into my bedroom. It’s the one place where I feel the most at home.

The lights off, I opened the veranda doors to a gust of ocean air, sending chills up and down my spine. “Fuck,” whimpering, the kiss of salt now coating my lips. There is no place in the world that I love more than the beach. I guess you can say I am a fish out of water and need to stay close to home. My eyes stayed on the beach as my hands moved to remove the long white t-shirt I slipped on after a bath. Up and off, the view from the beach would give anyone a shock, but sadly, there was no one out. Yes, I am sorta an exhibitionist at heart. I left the doors open wide before slipping between the comforter and the sheets. Most people would call this a touch of insanity, but I called it hopeful. I guess there is a part of me that believes he will find his way in and show me what a little slut I really am. The other part of me fears his appearance. I’m not sure why, but there is something so mysterious about this man.

Eyes closing, the sounds of the ocean crashing on the shore, in the distance the songs migrating whales are finding their way home. There is a place where the mind lives when you’re almost asleep. A twilight state that allows everything you ever denied creeping in and scratches the back of your brain.

A weight shift on the bed, the side closest to the open door indenting. The scent of his cigarettes filling the room, the one he held in his hand freshly lit. Hitting the cancer stick, his blue hues filling with amusement. He smiled from his eyes more than his mouth. As the tip glowed the hottest shade of red, he rolled it slightly over the bare thigh that lured him in. His lips curl as the flesh heats, forcing a slight moan.

“Wake up little, Kitten,” he growled.

Soft moans. I knew he was there. My entire body heating from the touch of that coffin nail that he perched between his lips.

“Stop,” I lied. I called him in my dreams, so asking him to stop was a complete and utter lie. Wanting more, not less. I wanted him to push that cigarette into my flesh and force the screams to rip from my throat. God, what is wrong with me?

“Beg me to stop,” he laughed, the same cigarette now resting on my left ass cheek.

“No! I don’t beg anyone,” I snapped. Whimpering at the cherry tip that heated my flesh. I swear I could almost smell my skin branding from the warmth.

Laughter filled the small room, the windows shaking from the force. He knew better than that. She would drop to her knees and beg him if he demanded it, but knowing she was denying herself amused him even more. Maybe it was her age of lack of proper training, but if he fucked her, she would know better next time. Snuffing the cigarette out, his hand moved up the center of her back, knotting in the glowing strands of her blond hair. The way the moon seeped through the open door cast a small halo around her head. She was no angel. Ripping her head back, forcing the slender curve of her neck to arch, his laughter was short-lived.

“Liar. You don’t beg me to stop because you want to feel it all, don’t you?” whispering, his teeth grabbing the shell of her ear. “Liars go to hell, Kitten,” adding.

“Stop it, I don’t like my hair pulled,” whining. Every fiber of my being ignited with want. I wanted him to fuck me more than I wanted air to breathe, but saying that wasn’t easy. I pride myself on being a strong female, so this was causing my stomach to knot. “Why the fuck are you doing this?” I asked.

Silence, the only sound in the room, his breaths. Laced with fine hairs, he held his fist tight. A ponytail of hair kept captive by his weather-beaten hands. “Beg me to fuck you,” he said again, this time his voice holding a hint of anger.

Screams inside of my head telling me to say no, but the only words that formed on my lips came out in rapid pants of want. “Fuck me. Please, fuck me,” I cried. God dammit, there it was. The truth always comes out in the end, even when you fight its appearance.

“See there, Kitten. Was that so hard?” he said. His voice filled with sarcasm. He knew the truth. Hell, he could smell the sweetness of her pussy when he wanted in the room.

“Roll over on your stomach and stretch your hands to the head of the bed. Hold it tight and do not release it. After that, stretch your legs until they hang from either side of the mattress,” he growled.

“Oh my god,” whimpering, I didn’t want to spread my legs. I knew I was soaked and as soon as I peeled my thighs apart, he would know as well. Feeding his ego is not what I want tonight. As my pulse quickened, I rolled to my stomach, reaching out and catching the fabric with the tips of my fingers. Next, my legs pushed apart to the sides of the bed, curling the arch of my feet around the ledge. “There, are you happy?” I snapped.

A sharp exhale and he moved to the open space between her legs. Looking down, her lips glistened with moisture. She was sopping wet. “Do not move at all. Do not twitch your body in any direction. If you do I will go back out the door I came in and you will never see me again. Do you understand?” he asked.

My chin resting on the bed, I whispered, “I understand.” God damn, what was he going to do to me? I’m not scared, but every sense in my body’s heightened and on a high stage of alert. I closed my eyes to allow my body to calm down and accept what he was going to do to me.

“Good, Kitten,” he growled. Leaning down, he brushed the stubble on his chin over her ass cheeks. Smirking with little prickles of lust formed on her skin. She was dying, and he knew at that moment the level of control he had over her. Breathing through his mouth to let blankets of warm air kiss her flesh, the anticipation of her moving delighted him. Would he leave if she did? You’re goddamn right he would. A woman needs to learn who is in control.

“Please,” I whispered.

Retracting his hand, he licked the palm before slapping her ass with full force. She needed to learn patience. As the outline of his hand formed on her fleshy cheek, he moved his chin down to brush back and forth over her swollen lips. The spike bristles of a few day’s growth just scratching the surface of her mound. A large calloused hand on each ass cheek, pulling her apart to view his entire meal. “Looks good enough to eat,” grunting, he buried his face in the middle of her ass. Sliding his tongue up and down her backside, he stopped when he found the small starfish opening to her asshole. A push against the rim. His hands tightened on her cheeks, indenting the skin with the molds of his fingers.

I blacked out the moment his tongue probed my ass. God damn, son of a bitch, I could cum from ass play alone. Most women lied and said they hated it, but I know I wanted it all. I will never turn down a punishing ass fuck. Slowly opening my mouth, I gripped the sheets with my teeth to silence the moans that threatened to spill from my lips. I didn’t want him to stop and took no chances.

As his rough chin rested against her lips, his tongue fucked her ass, each time pushing the tip into her core. A rough rake of his teeth over the outer rim. He wanted to devour every inch of this woman. Back and forth he shook his face, her pussy lips covered with invisible scars from his scruff. Resting his chin on the palm of his hand, he waited. His eyes on the slowly parting lips, he waited until a trickle of honey slipped from her pulsating cunt. A strike of his tongue with lightning speed, and the sugar was gone. Devoured like a snake taking a victim of his very own. It was the first time he tasted her cunt, but it wouldn’t be his last. The scent is an aphrodisiac, but the taste, pure addiction.

“Please fuck me,” I begged. Yes, I begged. He wanted me to beg him to touch me and I am no longer afraid to do that. An hour ago I would have laughed in his face, but right now, I would sell my soul to the Devil for one night with him.

“No!” he laughed, sliding from the bed. He stood at the edge, looking down. Go to sleep and you may not cum until I tell you so. Good night, Kitten,” he said, slipping out the way he came in.

I rolled to my back, shocked, as I watched the drapes blow in the wind. “Fuck you, goddamn you,” I cried, knowing sleep wouldn’t come for me tonight. He left me high and wanting another touch from him.

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