Author’s notes: I am working on too many projects at once and have so many books almost complete. Wrath is the second part of Saving Grace and I never realized how close I was to finishing. I have been trying different venues for publishing. Amazon is easy, but let’s face it, I am a nobody. Without an active following you sit in the basement and pray to get found. No matter how good you are, Amazon is a rough platform to write on. Kindle Vella has not worked out for me. They has a very strict TOS and most of what all of us write would not be allowed there. They force you to fix it to their rules or take it down. I chose the later. I am going to publish this on wattpad to see how it goes. I have had a little luck there in the past. I also use all social media platforms and will dive into Tiktok for advertisement soon. Feel free to give advice. I don’t take offence. 

Wrath – The Harvest

4 thoughts on “Wattpad

  1. Best of luck. I haven’t tried to actually publish anything, so I have mo advice. I have long assumed that getting something published and popular would be quite difficult in this day and age, erotic or not. Hope you figure out the formula!

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