Short Bedtime Story

“Fuck you,” she growled, her mouth expelling the saliva that she held hitting him in the face.

Laughter ricocheting though the room as the instant reflex placed his hand to her throat, slamming her body against the wall with a deafening thud. Slowly and methodically, he pushed his hand up, lifting her small frame up the tiled wall. Without regret, he held her in the air, dodging the kicks of her feet to his groin. Smug, his hand remained steady as his face buried in the sheer barrier that covered the pale lips beneath. Consumed with rage his beard shredded the thin fabric to reveal the trickles of lust glossing her sweet pout. Without warning he dropped her to her knees as the belt that held him captive released his growing need. 

“Now, fuck who?” laughing, his hand guided her head to it’s proper place. 

Sleep well my sinners. I will finish this in my dreams. 

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