Author’s notes: I am working on too many projects at once and have so many books almost complete. Wrath is the second part of Saving Grace and I never realized how close I was to finishing. I have been trying different venues for publishing. Amazon is easy, but let’s face it, I am a nobody. Without an active following you sit in the basement and pray to get found. No matter how good you are, Amazon is a rough platform to write on. Kindle Vella has not worked out for me. They has a very strict TOS and most of what all of us write would not be allowed there. They force you to fix it to their rules or take it down. I chose the later. I am going to publish this on wattpad to see how it goes. I have had a little luck there in the past. I also use all social media platforms and will dive into Tiktok for advertisement soon. Feel free to give advice. I don’t take offence. 

Wrath – The Harvest


My fingers traced the silk blouse that hung too loose around my shoulders. Ten pounds isn’t much to lose, but when the body is already frail, it’s enough to lure the dragons from their caves. Shaking like a junkie, that woman in the mirror wasn’t me. She can’t be me, can she? Hands brushing, clothing smoothed, presentable is what they would say. “Hold your head up like a Kennedy. Don’t you fail the family again, Mary.” Stuck in place with invisible glue, I knew what I was doing tonight was for the best. After everything that I have endured, this was the final chapter from the past. I need to close that door forever.

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Snip of a book of short stories

Every horror movie starts with a plot, but this wasn’t a movie, and there was no reason for those damn clowns to be on the loose. Everyone knows that the local amusement park for kids was built around those painted assholes who hid behind the mask. Even as a child Grayson hated that place. His parents would take him, well, more like drag him from the car to visit that place on opening and closing day. Most kids bolted from their seats to get closer to the rides. Not Grayson. He once wrapped the seatbelt so tight around his neck that it had to be cut from his body to save his life. Sadly, that didn’t stop his father from forcing him out by the back of his shirt, scolding him the entire way into the place. Was it the clowns or the music? Maybe, it was both. As he stood in the middle of the street, his eyes squeezed tight, off in the distance he heard that jingle.

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Short Bedtime Story

“Fuck you,” she growled, her mouth expelling the saliva that she held hitting him in the face.

Laughter ricocheting though the room as the instant reflex placed his hand to her throat, slamming her body against the wall with a deafening thud. Slowly and methodically, he pushed his hand up, lifting her small frame up the tiled wall. Without regret, he held her in the air, dodging the kicks of her feet to his groin. Smug, his hand remained steady as his face buried in the sheer barrier that covered the pale lips beneath. Consumed with rage his beard shredded the thin fabric to reveal the trickles of lust glossing her sweet pout. Without warning he dropped her to her knees as the belt that held him captive released his growing need. 

“Now, fuck who?” laughing, his hand guided her head to it’s proper place. 

Sleep well my sinners. I will finish this in my dreams. 

Here kitty

“Here Kitty Kitty, you can run, but when I catch you, you’re fucked! I’m going to wreck and ravage that pretty little body until you fucking scream. So go ahead, you can run. Let’s play little Kitty. Just wait until I sink my teeth into the pretty little neck and take what’s mine. I’m going to roar in that ear and I am going to fucking destroy you. That’s right Kitty. Time to play. Now run! or try to……”

Author note: Sorry for my absence. I’ve slipped a disc.