Kitten Stories -21-

I sat on my knees for what seemed an eternity. Covered in the man’s cum who owned me, my eyes sealed shut from the direct hit to the face. A quick lick over my lips to once again savor the flavor. I’ve learned to love the taste and crave it more than any other meal. Thankfully, each morning when I wake, Master makes sure my little kitten bowl is filled with a mixture of milk and semen. I remember the first time I tasted the mixture. I am not a fan of warm milk, so the moment my tongue rimmed the bowl; I retched with disgust. That was the last time I acted displeased with the gift from the Master. Not being fed for a week had me begging for nourishment. 

As the room emptied, the only two left in the room were the Master and myself. In my eyes, it was the only two that mattered. I rested on my knees, my head leaning back the moment I felt his hand brush through the soft strands of my hair. Shivers rushed up and down my spine in approval of his touch. 

Master leaned down, brushing his lips against the shell of the ear. “Such a good. little kitten. So well behaved when the company comes over.”

My entire body shook with happiness the moment he gave me approval. I wanted so badly to wrap my lips around his cock and have his face fuck me until I swallowed more than cum. I wanted to drink my blood from my ripping throat. If you’ve never met someone who truly loves sucking cock, I feel sorry for you. I am a cock sucking slut and with begging in my eyes; I asked the question that I knew he wanted to hear. 

“May I please suck your dick?” I asked. A slow tug of my cheeks into a smile, and the need to pleasure this man took over. 

Slowly, his hand strokes his own dick, long caresses from the base of the shaft to the oversized bulbous head. Though he had just come, pre-cum bubbled from the slit of his manhood. His balls were tightening as they pulled into his body. He could bounce back in moments when the partner was worthy of the fuck. Not that he planned on allowing her pussy to convulse on his cock, but if she sucked him off good enough, he might give her what her eyes so desperately told him she wanted. Sucking in a deep breath, his eyes went from hers to the space on the floor in front of him. That was her invitation to get on her knees. A good little cock sucker has proof on her shins that she is talented enough to please a real man. Any woman can suck off a bitch boy and excite him, but this was different and she would know that. 

I moved to my knees, eyes on his. I wanted to taste that cock, but would wait for the word. I was once a fever filled young girl, but with discipline I learned to wait until I was invited to the /table/. A nod was given, and I leaned in with desire, heating my core, making the first contact right below his cock. The taint would take the first of many licks tonight. Wiggling my tongue back and forth, painting the area with saliva before slowly following that thick underbelly vein up his shaft. Fuck, the flavor of the last woman he fucked sent shivers up and down my spine. I am a jealous little brat, but she tasted so intoxicating on his dick. Soft moans radiating from my lips, I vibrated the tip of my tongue around the enormous head. Master has a beautiful cock. Even if I was not so deeply in love with him, I would say the same thing. His dick is magnificent. Painting his cock up and down, I made sure that not only pre-cum dripped, but a line of saliva dangled from the head. Slurping up the thin stand, I wrapped my lips around the tip, pulling back with a loud pop sound. Fuck, that sent shivers up and down my spine. I dug my nails into my inner thighs to force myself to slow down, and savor every second of his cock stretching open my mouth. 

“Good Kitten. You may have more now,” Master whispered. 

Air into my lungs, my shoulders lifted from the depth. I feel as though I am given a gift that is so personal to me. As shocking as it is, tears rolled down my face as I took the first of many inches into my mouth. A perfect O shape forming as my lips stretch to take him deeper inside. It’s not until the base is kissing my pout did I open my eyes, seeking his approval. Gasping, the head blocking my breaths, the mascara that was left on my eyes streaked my face with a river of black sludge. 

“Hold it. Do not pull back. Stop fighting the need for air. You won’t die,” he growled. By placing his hand to the head, holding it down, he loves to re enforce that breathing is a luxury, and not a necessity. His hand loosened as he allowed for a breath to come. Maybe he was getting soft in his old age. Then again, why kill what you’re not done with?

“Lay on the bed and hold your head off the edge. Open your mouth wide and do not close it until I’ve told you that you can. Do you understand?” he asked. 

Nodding, I scrambled to my feet to do as I was told. Flat on my back, my long blond hair cascaded into a pile on the floor. Opening my mouth as wide as possible, I groaned when he stepped on the pile of hair and held me in place. Crying out, the moment my hair is held. I don’t like when my hair is pulled, but that has never once stopped him. He is the boss and I am the pet. I do as I am told, even if I don’t like it. That is the rules of our developing relationship. 

“Good girl,” was all he said. Positioning himself, he pushed the girth of his cock deep, holding it at an ocean’s depth. Not moving, his hand went to the curve of the neck, slowly stroking his cock from the outside in. “Look at this. All this body and here I still must jack off. You should be ashamed,” he said. Reaching down, his hand slapping hard over wet pussy lips. The sound radiating from wall to wall. A tighter grip taken, he jerked his cock off as the pressure built in his sac.

Gulping for air, my nostrils flaring as his ball sac slapped my forehead repeatedly. It wasn’t until the taste of blood poured down my throat that I felt worthy of his cock. If you bleed for the one you love, then you will die for them as well. When I reached the point of passing out, he pulled back, saliva and blood still connecting us in a thin strand. As sadistic as it sounds, the moment he pulled out, I craved to fill the pain once again.

“Please, I want more,” I whispered. 

A sudden slap to the face, his cock pushing back inside, this time no mercy, no love, and balls to the chin deep. He placed his hands behind his head, lacing the fingers, and his cock jack hammered to the deepest point. It was the sounds of crying that cheered him to go faster. She was bawling her eyes out and his cock hardened each whimper she released. A pool of juices collecting on the floor. He put one hand in the middle of her chest as he pounded every inch of his dick deep down her throat. 

“Beg for it. Beg for my cum,” he grumbled, pulling all the way out.

Gasping for air, her throat ached, “Please, please feed me all of your cum. Please.” 

Holding the base of his cock in his hand, he stroked every inch of the thickening meat. The first shot of cum pumped out before he shoved it all back in, holding both sides of her head until his balls lowered with release. His cock softened in her mouth before pulling out. A wipe of his dick in her long golden tresses, and he dismissed her from the room. “Go to your room, but remember, you’re not allowed to cum tonight.”

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