She fed the beast

She leaned back against his chest, molding her body into his grasp. Arching her back, she slid her hand up her torso, snaking around until her fingers rested at the nape of his neck. Pulling, she scathed his scalp with her nails, grapping a handful of hair. A silent exhale before she yanked his head to the side. As a smirk played on her lips, she tilted her head to the opposite side, “Mark it” she demanded as her slender neck exposed the sweetest arch. Drunk with lust, his teeth took the flesh, branding her forever with the mark of the beast.

A.J. Luna

Kitten Stories -21-

I sat on my knees for what seemed an eternity. Covered in the man’s cum who owned me, my eyes sealed shut from the direct hit to the face. A quick lick over my lips to once again savor the flavor. I’ve learned to love the taste and crave it more than any other meal. Thankfully, each morning when I wake, Master makes sure my little kitten bowl is filled with a mixture of milk and semen. I remember the first time I tasted the mixture. I am not a fan of warm milk, so the moment my tongue rimmed the bowl; I retched with disgust. That was the last time I acted displeased with the gift from the Master. Not being fed for a week had me begging for nourishment. 

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I’ve missed a week of writing. That is something that hasn’t happened to me in a few years. I feel like I am getting too deep inside of my own head these days and honestly, feeling pretty much like a failure. I know, cheer up, but sadly the world doesn’t happen that way. Maybe it’s being locked away for 18 months because I am scared of covid. The lack of human contact or touch. I don’t know. I am getting back to writing today if I can. I am just not feeling physically or emotionally well.

A.J. Luna

Would you die for me?

She entered the room knowing that he waited. His large frame consumed the space. A sudden tightness in her chest, she lessened to volume of air between the two. As her soul trembled, she pressed her back against his chest, exhaling for the first time. His hand to her sternum, she pulled him slowly to the slender hallow of her neck. As they watched the mirror, his smirk widened as his hand tightened. “Would you kill for me?” he asked.

A.J. Luna

The Arrest -12-

Gypsy knew the rules of the game. She learned them at seventeen. In two years time she felt as though she had lived a lifetime. Rule number one, you never reveal the client’s name or what happened during the meeting. Until today, she kept that promise to herself. Everything had changed in the past week, and it was time for her to lay her cards on the table. It would make or break her decision to walk back into the escort business again. Gypsy was about to lose everything she worked so hard to get. Her credibility.

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His hand met her skin, the fragile curve of her neck fitting perfectly in his grasp. Against the wall her body blended, his lips a breath away from the feast. That cocky smirk curling his lip, one slow push down the wall and she rested on her knees. His eyes down, the smirk deepening as a raspy growl asked one question. “Do you deserve it?”