The Arrest -9-

It was done. The book no longer in her hands. Gypsy could only hope that the person who now had it didn’t judge her for the contents. Sexual meetings listed in great detail stained the pages of that book. That was mild compared to the other contents. Mafia meetings, dates and times of hits that she was present at, and deals. Yes, drug deals, including who, what, and how. A lot of the players listed in the book could get you killed. A few of those contacts she had met with long after she added them to the pages. It’s nice to know the right people if you need a pound of coke, or the best black tar heroin. No, she didn’t use, but her clients respected the fact that she could obtain for them everything they wanted with a blowjob on top. Even at her age, Gypsy had the life history of someone twice her age.

A soft exhale left her lungs as the young blond stood at the end of Santa Monica Pier. After leaving the bank, she needed to get away from anyone who knew her face. Her eyes on the ocean, the sounds of summer rattled in the background. Screams from the rollercoaster riders, and the scent of cotton candy laced her veins with an innocence that she craved. A full body shiver rushed up her back, stopping at her shoulders and tightening the muscles. Someone was watching. Every fiber of her being told the young girl that she had eyes on her, but where? How the hell was she supposed to pick someone out of this crowd? Thousands of people walked this popular tourist spot. A person could get lost here and no one would even notice. That right there scared the shit out of Gypsy.

“Fuck,” whispering. Get lost in the crowd was the thought that raced through her mind. Casually walking to the ticket booth, Gypsy bought a ticket for the Ferris wheel, leaving a few hundred behind to cover tickets for extra riders. This wasn’t really a charitable act. She knew whoever was following her would take a ticket. When that happened and she was let off, she would tell the operator she would buy a second round, so keep going. That could give her enough time to get the hell out of there and somewhere safe. If Dominic’s men were there to pick her up, they rarely failed. Today, she needed to make sure they had an off day.

As she handed the ticket to the ride worker, Gypsy felt the knots in her stomach growing. “Keep your hands and arms in the ride, and no shaking the cage,” warned the attendant. Doing as she was told, Gypsy pushed her bottom to the back of the car, her hands white knuckled the railing. A sudden jolt and her car moved up one. One by one, the people got on the ride, but it wasn’t until the 6th rider did she notice the dynamic duo. Two men in suits meant nothing but trouble. A normal tourist would never come to the beach dressed like that. Her heart pounded as the ride kicked into full motion. Any other time and she would sit back and enjoy the wonderful view. Not today. Jerking to a stop, her car was the first to unload. Without being seen, she handed the ride attendant a hundred-dollar bill and asked him to give the passengers another full ride. With greed in his eyes, he agreed.

Moving through the crowd with ease, she never looked back. Gypsy didn’t want to see what was behind her, in fear of her plan falling apart. As her feet hit the cement, she reached her car just as the men in the suits exited the ride, running toward the parking lot. “Shit, come on,” she cried, fumbling to get the car open. As quick as she did, the car was running and in motion. This was no time to worry about a seatbelt. Crashing was the least of her worries. “MOVE,” screaming, Gypsy knew the lot would be full, but this was crazy. It wasn’t until she reached Pacific Coast Highway did she breathe again. She needed to get Grace away from her, and it was killing her soul. She promised after what happened with Frank that she would never be without her daughter again. Breaking a promise was better than burying a child. Gypsy knew that Dominic Paloma wouldn’t think twice about killing a child.

Hitting the lock on the door, Gypsy knew it was auto, but you can’t trust technology. “Call home,” she said, her phone doing all the work for her. After the first ring she panicked, but sighed a relief when the Nanny picked up with a very cheerful voice. “Hey, it’s Gypsy. I need you to pack Grace a bag and have her and the bag ready for pickup in the next 10 minutes. Also, if someone comes to the house looking for me, please tell them I am out of town for a few days. I will be taking Grace away,” rambled Gypsy. “Do you need me to come along?” the Nanny asked. Before the woman could finish, Gypsy told her no, and to take a few days off with pay. As the young blond pulled into the circular drive, she checked the rearview mirror, and was thankful no one followed. After a quick thank you to the Nanny, she belted Grace into the car, but she wouldn’t stay with her mother. This was a brief meeting between the two. One that broke her heart in a million places.

“Mama,” Grace screamed, her hands reaching out as she begged for her mother.

“Shhh, mommy is here, but I need you to be a really good girl for me,” Gypsy said, her voice cracking in emotions.

Shaking her head back and forth, the twenty-month-old knew what her mother was saying. “No, no mommy, no,” she cried.

“Don’t cry. Please don’t cry. Mommy will be home in a few days and then we will go away together. Mommy needs you to go with Payton and the kids. You can play,” Gypsy said, her voice soft. She knew her daughter loved her best friend and her kids. She also knew there was enough security around the woman to keep Grace safe. Her house was a fortress.

Twenty minutes later Grace was in the arms of her best friend, and Gypsy knew this was it. Living in fear was ending one way or another. It was time to call out to Dominic and end this all. Gypsy could no longer live in fear of other people’s ghosts. Pulling out of the long drive, she was going back to where it began. Las Vegas Nevada would be the next and her final stop.

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