Are You Awake -9-


“Why the fuck did you do that?” Donovan asked. His face twisted with anger. He knew, fuck, everyone knew that girl was in love with Haze. You have to pick and choose the ones you use. It was the reason they never bag and tag anyone close to them. Sage was the roommate to the girl Donovan was fucking, and he liked Lola. If this ended badly, so would his pending relationship. For once in his life, Haze better keep his dick in his pants and leave the girl alone. 

“Do what?” I laughed. Of course, I know what Donovan is talking about, but I will take it if this girl is going to offer it. Sex is sex. There doesn’t have to be a commitment or love to engage in some stress-reducing enjoyment. It’s the one thing that I honestly can’t promise to my best friend. Sage is cute, not beautiful, but cute. She looks like the kind of girl who would be a closet freak. There is nothing I love more than a good girl on the streets and a whore in the bedroom. Not that I ever make it that far. Public sex is quickly becoming my newest kink. 

With a glare, Donovan looked over at Haze as though he finds him disgusting. “Man, that girl looks at you like if you speak, she will shit her pants. Leave her alone. You have a thousand groupies willing to sit on your dick right now. Leave her the fuck alone,” Donovan snarled his words. 

“Whatever, man, let’s get a beer while you shut the fuck about the direction of my dick,” I laughed. Reaching over, wrapping an arm over his shoulder, I knew Donovan needed something to take his mind off of all of this shit. I will not lie. This murder crap has me a little freaked out. All I can hope is that it was random and had nothing to do with me or what happened in the bathroom of that club. Before I could walk out the door, the phone changed our plans for the day. 

“Mr. Luc, you need to bring your lawyer to the station. We have a few questions for you about the murder of the young woman,” said the officer. 

My heartbeat quickened the moment caller ID flashed the Portland Police Station. I knew this was all too good to be true. Did they autopsy the woman and find out I did more than fuck her? I didn’t cum inside her, so there shouldn’t be any DNA indicating that I did. After asking for an hour to get there, I looked at Donovan, fear written all over my face. I might have fucked this girl, but murder isn’t my thing. 

“Call my lawyer. I need to be at the station in an hour. What that fuck?” I said, my voice cracking for the first time. I’ve worked my ass off for a year to get this radio gig going, and now that I’m at the top of the charts, shit like this happens. None of this can be random, not now. My hands brushed back my hair, a tiny bead of perspiration crowning my brow. All the hair on the back of my neck tingling with anticipation of this meeting, but why? I didn’t do it. 

“Man, relax. You were with me all night, well, except when I left, but other than that, we spent the entire night drinking at the table,” said Donovan. 

My eyes drifted over, shaking my long hair until it fell into cascading curls. If Donovan even tells the cops that he left before I did, I’m fucked. I need a solid alibi to keep the detectives off my ass and out of my business. “If they ask, tell them you dropped me off at home. Hell, someone did. I don’t know who,” I said. Yeah, this can work. He tells them that and then went to bang that chick. No one has to know the truth. We’ve had a bro code for years, so this is the ultimate payment. After today, I won’t ask for shit, well, until next time. 

Donovan looked over, his face suddenly ashen. “What that fuck man? I mean, I’ll do it, but God damn, this could land me in jail for lying. You know what? You fucking owe me after this. I want an 8-Ball of the good shit.”

Relief washed over me. I knew Donovan would stand up when needed. It’s worth the cost of the coke to spend the night in my bed and not some cell. “You got it, man. You want some blow. I’ll fucking have the shit waiting at the house for when we get home. Fuck, let’s do this,” I said. No matter what happens today, there is no way they can hold me for anything. I still don’t even know that girl’s name, so why the hell would I kill her? 

Forty-five minutes later, sitting in what had to be the most classic interrogation room, the three of us waited for the cop to come in. When the door opened, we got two for the price of one. 

“Mr. Luc, thank you for making time to meet us today. I assume this is your attorney?” asked the older cop. “I’m Detective Gallow, and this is Detective Sanchez. They assigned the two of us to the murder of Daniella Price. The woman you had intercourse with and was later found dead. We have a few questions,” Gallow said. 

I leaned up in my chair, elbows resting on the silver metal desk, “Look, let me explain this real simple for you. She came to my table and slipped me a note asking me to meet her in the bathroom. I did,” I laughed. None of this is funny, but come on, the woman wanted fucked, and I wanted pussy. It was as easy as that. “I fucked her. It lasted all of twenty minutes, and I left. It’s as simple as that. Neither of us was looking for more than sex,” I added. 

“Did you use a condom, Mr. Luc?” Sanchez asked. 

I laughed, shaking my head, “Nope. I never planned on cumming inside of the woman, so why use one?” 

Both Detectives looked over, Gallow finally , “So where did you ejaculate? We found her hair soaked with semen, and we need to know if that is yours or the perpetrators?” 

“All over her face. No need to waste a good load in the loo,” I laughed. 

“Jesus, fuck, Haze, have some manners,” said the Lawyer. John Donatello sat there in shock. It isn’t every day that the client is this open about their sexuality, but Haze has no problem clarifying what happened. “My client has said enough. If you will excuse us, Mr. Luc has an engagement to attend,” he added. 

Closing the file on the desk, Detective Gallow avoided the Lawyer, looking over at Haze, “We need a DNA sample. Hit the lab on the way out. If you don’t, I will get a court order for you to provide one.” 

Standing, I looked over, smirking, “No problem, mate. I hope the nurse has soft hands.” I felt the hand on my shoulder, pulling me towards the door before opening my mouth again. The look on the faces of the two Detectives was worth it all. You would have thought I fucked their mother the way both jaws dropped. 

“You stupid fuck, don’t do that shit again,” said Donatello. 

“Lighten up, Mate. Now point me in the direction of the sperm bank. I’m horny,” I said as I walked off in the lab’s direction. I hope they have some decent porn or a hot nurse. Cumming on command has never been my strong point. 

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