Amazon – Publish or not?

My heart and head are in a quandary this morning. I published my second book this month and after a 4 day promo on amazon I gave away 80 copies. Some would say that is wonderful. I am excited because it shows on my stat sheet and it is being read to completion. Here is where I am at odds with it all. First, I am not making a dime on the giveaway, which is fine, but Amazon will not give me the feedback. Yes, I know it is being left for me because a few of the readers have told me they left it.

I’ve contacted Amazon, and after being sent to one person after another (actually 8), I gave up. No one on the site can tell me why this has happened to me. So I did my research. I made a different Amazon account and purchased my book. Yes, I paid for my book. When I tried to leave a feedback test, Amazon told me unless I spend 50.00, I may not review any item. Why? How can that be allowed if I spent cash to buy this item? So, I have 2 feedback reviews on a book that is the hands of 80 people. Does this seem fair? It doesn’t to me when the only way I can advance is to have feedback left.

So, do I publish? Why? No one will read it. I am very distraught because I have a book almost complete and it’s good. Real good. I honestly have thought about giving up and stopping writing all together. I love the words, but it’s sad that I can’t be seen. I once told someone I was a nobody, and now I feel more like one than ever.

Has anyone else ever had this issue? I don’t even know where to turn because Amazon doesn’t help their writers.

11 thoughts on “Amazon – Publish or not?

  1. I had not heard of Amazon restricting someone from writing a review until they spend a certain amount of money. Weird. If I spend $10 or $1,000 — I should be able to leave review. By the way, giving away 80 copies of your book is really good number to me. In July, I paid a few book promo websites to help spread the word about ebooks I gave away on Amazon. I spent $60 on one site and gave away 39 ebooks during 3 days. A thought… you could go around Amazon for your second book. Draft 2 Digital is a service that will distribute your ebook to many sites — including Amazon. You upload a Word doc to Draft 2 Digital, then they make an ebook that they send to Barnes & Noble, iBooks, etc. But there’s a cost: Draft 2 Digital takes 20% of your profit. I tried it a few years ago, but got hardly any traction. I didn’t promote my books much back then, though. But if you want to experiment with another path, that’s an option.

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    1. I might have to try that platform. I would not have believed the minimum if I didn’t see it for myself. With my first book I placed it on a promo at another site and it cost me 10 bucks, but the following was bad. I gave away 1 book. The plus to that was that she left feedback. Thank you for the help. I will look into the option. Something is better than nothing.

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  2. If you write erotica it is hard to be recognized and impossible to advertise o Amazon. There are other arenas to publish your book that are supposedly better but I have not used them.
    If you write to make money, you will likely be disappointed. Write because you love it.

    Let me know what you book is and I will buy it, read it and review it.

    Feel better?

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    1. Thank you for the insight. I worked for a publisher as a ghost writer on erotica and never realized how hard it was. The books were always in the top 50, so my knowledge going into it was altered. Thank you for the offer, but you don’t have to do that. I do appreciate you for letting me know.


  3. Yeah I went through that with my debut publication this year.
    People who don’t amass a certain figure on their accounts couldn’t leave reviews. I didn’t give out free copies but I too am looking to crack the code for my upcoming book. I’m likely going to try semi-traditional.

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