A Peach

We are a society of the vain. Everything must be aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. Flashy cars, the perfect face and body, and material items that will make the world gawk in awe. We pick apart those that we don’t find pleasing to our eyes because we don’t see them as perfect. What is perfect though?

For a moment, imagine a peach hanging on a vine, the sun warming the succulent meat inside. You can smell the sensual aroma beckoning you forward to the fruit. The ones at the bottom flawed from the elements, the flesh not perfect, but easy for the reach. On the top, the complete opposite. Skin the shade of summer, little trickles of nectar begging to burst on the tongue. Vanity pulled your eyes upwards to only focus on what society calls perfect, neglecting the blotched skin of those left behind. Those left to rot while the newest ones are devoured first.

The moral of this story is the ones on the bottom are the only reason you can have perfection. Elements ate away at the once beautiful fruit. Deer fed their young from that very orchard. The flies laid eggs that in turn became the maggots that eat away what others deem /not perfect/. I’ll let you in on a little secret. The ones at the bottom are the real treat. They fought to give the world around them an aesthetically pleasing view.

Has the world become so vain that all we see is flaws? We pick apart every gift given. For example, take the peach. A delicate fruit that when allowed to ripen on the vine will fill your mouth with the most delicious flavors. That first bite will make or break the experience.

6 thoughts on “A Peach

  1. I think “perfection” can change with different people’s opinions. But maybe not as much with peaches. The ones with lovely color and sweet juice are desirable to those who enjoy peaches. But you make a good point… the peaches that have shown the wear of endurance shouldn’t be ignored. Instead should be respected for that endurance.

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