Are You Awake -7-


I can smell Haze the moment he walked into the room. Versace Dylan Blue is the signature cologne when he’s searching for a panty dropper. God, when isn’t that man looking for some helpless girl to fall under his spell? It’s a shame that women have such low self-esteem that they must resort to having sex with someone who doesn’t even fucking care about them. If I knew back then what I know now, maybe things could be different, but he ruined it all. I’ll make him pay, but before that, he needs to grovel and beg for forgiveness from every woman he wronged. 

I sat in the corner of the small diner, the newspaper on the table in front of me. Whoever sat there before did me the favor of leaving it behind. Smirking, the front page dedicated to me, well, technically Haze, but he wouldn’t be anything without me. I’ve given him the name, fame, and now, the headlines. 

Local woman killed at Club Volume on opening night.

At least they left his name off the headline even though in the first line of the story, they mentioned him. Haze should thank me for putting him in the spotlight, but the selfish bastard is ignoring me. He won’t be for long, though. I will make sure that every incompetent cop in this city knows when that man wipes his ass. Smirking, I can’t help but rip out the story for my wall. Some share trophies for their accomplishments, and in a way, this is mine.  

Suzanna Lapper, 30, was at the meet and greet with radio personality Haze Luc when someone took her life. Police say she was found by a security guard around 2:30 am in the alley behind the club. Unresponsive, the female showed signs of an altercation and multiple stab wounds. She was pronounced dead at the hospital.

My breathing soft. There is nothing but satisfaction racing through my veins. After the tea arrived, I sat back for a moment to reflect on the night before. It’s like playing a rerun in your head. 

“Hey, Mr. Luc asked for me to come to find you. He said after the time in the bathroom, he wanted to thank you properly,” I smiled. Little does she know, Haze wouldn’t be able to pick her out of a crowded room, and he had jacked off all over her face. God, this woman is such an idiot. 

“Really? He wants to see me again?” she gushed. 

I am beginning to become an expert liar.

“He does. If you can follow me, his limo is in the back. Haze is very discrete. He can’t have people seeing him leave with a beautiful woman. The press would never leave you alone,” smiling. I knew she would fall for it. The ring on her finger told me everything I needed to know about this woman. She was married and a cheater. I don’t even know her, and I hate her already. Such a stupid bitch for falling for that man’s line. Wait, maybe she just bent over and begged him for it. Most of them do. 

As we walked out, the night air hit me in the face like a load of bricks. Warm, and the scent of rubbish disgusted me. For a new place, they don’t keep up the building well. 

“Hey, I thought you said the limo was waiting for me,” she turned, her face twisting with confusion. “Something isn’t right,” she added. 

I exhaled deep and hard, pushing the back door closed. It’s one of those where there is no door handle on the outside, and it locked right away. I made sure to find that out ahead of time. 

“I lied,” laughing, I turned to the woman, the knife already in my hand. “There is nothing in the world that makes me sicker than watching some stupid married whore get on her knees for him. You don’t even fucking know him, and yet he fucked you,” I laughed. 

Her voice quivered, eyes welling up with tears, “Please, I’m sorry. I just, well, I love Haze so much.”

Stepping back, I leaned against the wall laughing. How the fuck does this woman love him? She met him 10 minutes and already fucked him. Sex isn’t love. Don’t they understand that?

I lunged forward, the first strike of the knife on her upper left arm. God, that felt incredible. Almost like when they whip someone for their sins or cane an adulteress. 

“Oh god, what the fuck did you do to me?” she screamed, her hand going to the wound.

“I’m punishing you, so you don’t cause your husband shame. He would rather have a dead wife than a cheating one,” I laughed mechanically. Something inside of me snapped. All of this felt too good. Without forethought, my hand lunged again, directly into her throat, pulling the knife to the side in a sawing motion. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that much blood before. It spewed out like a drinking fountain in the on position.

Her cries turned to gurgles as she grabbed her throat. The woman fell back against the brick wall, sliding down with a bloody skid mark. It takes less than 2 minutes to bleed out from an arterial wound. 

As I stood there watching that woman take her last breaths, I couldn’t help but wonder if the trip to the bathroom was worth it? Is one night with Haze Luc worth dying for? So many of his fans would say yes, but this woman knew the truth. She paid the ultimate price for cheating on her husband. 

“More tea?” asked the waitress.

“Uhm, sure. Just a little, though,” I smiled. I would have said no, but she was pouring the tea before I could. Dumb bitch. Everyone is in such a hurry these days. God, what the hell is wrong with people?

I slowly sipped the tea, smiling at my accomplishments, when the group of four walked in. Two girls, two guys, and how fucking lucky could I be? Haze Luc is standing there in the flesh. Slowly, as though the cup is suddenly too hot, I put it back on the saucer. My hands are shaking too much to hold it without being noticed. It’s not the first time I have run into him in public, but by the way, he looked today, I knew I made an impression last night. One that he won’t soon forget. 

“How about right here?” the waitress giggled. She was seating the group, and it was obvious she knew who Haze was. How could she not? He was the hottest man in Portland for a reason. 

“Sure, love, right here is fine,” Donovan flirted. 

As the group took their seats, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see the disgusted look on the face of the two girls. These two don’t look like the usual whore heard. They seem to have a little more class than most. 

“Can you believe what happened last night?” the waitress asked. “I was there and saw that woman when the place closed. Oh my god, I saw her,” she babbled. 

All four looked at each other, stunned at what she was admitting. Without thinking, the blond was the first to speak. 

“You should tell the cops. Maybe you saw the killer and don’t even know,” she said. 

“Oh wow, that’s true. Do it,” added the other female. 

Haze shook his head, bored, “Can we get a menu. All of this has me starving to death.” There is not a bone in his body that held remorse for that woman’s death. As always, he is a self-centered asshole who only worries about himself.”   

“Love, the menu,” Donovan added.  As happy as I am to be in the room with Haze, it’s the waitress who has my new fascination. If only they would learn to mind their own business.   

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