Are You Awake -6-

Chapter Six


“Lola, go in and see what happened? What if they took him to jail?” I cried. We both know they would have no valid reason to arrest Haze, but my anxiety was through the roof. All of this must be a fluke, or maybe, who knows, a robbery. Some of those women last night wore a lot of jewelry. Most of it probably fake, but how would someone committing a crime have known that? 

Shaking her head, Lola couldn’t help but laugh. All of this for someone who doesn’t even know that Sage exists. She is more delusional as the days go on. 

“Stop it. Seriously, Sage, he has a Lawyer and everyone at that table there to say where he was. Stop already,” Lola scowled. 

My teeth took my bottom lip captive, biting down hard on the soft pillow. Lola’s right, but I am an overthinker. “Alright, I believe you. Hey, have they said who that woman was?” I asked.

Yawning, Lola flopped her body down on the couch. Eyes closed the moment her body made contact. “All they said is she is 30 and married. I’m not shocked at all. Most of his fans are older and trying to relive their youth,” Lola whispered, pulling a blanket down and sleeping instantly. 

The apartment quiet. I slipped back into the bedroom, locking the door behind me. After last night, all I can think about is how Haze sounds when he has sex. So forceful and demanding. The last guy I fucked finished in less than a minute and sound asleep right after.

Stripping as I walked, I slid down between the sheet and the covers, my mind already setting the scene. As wrong as this might be, I need to get some of this tension out of my system. There is no better cure than an orgasm. 

“Haze, I need you. Please, all I want is one time with you,” I whispered. As my hands trailed over my body, I imagine them being Haze’s hands. He knows every inch of my body as though he designed it for his pleasure. God, I wonder if he would know every spot that a woman wants to be touched?

I exhaled, my hands mimicking the path that Haze would take. He would start at my neck, soft kisses on my flesh. No, he would bite me all over my throat and laugh because everyone would know he fucked me. His hands are moving down, both of them cupping my breasts. He squeezes them, pulling the crushed left tit to his mouth, sucking my nipple between his lips. 

“Oh fuck,” I cry. All of this is so real. Each movement of my hands feels as though my phantom lover is taking hold of me. God damn, I am fucking wet. 

My hands lower, crossing my flat stomach. I suck in what is not there to reveal my ribs. Doesn’t every man love a woman who starves herself to look good? My perception is so fucked up. 

My breath rapid and panting the closer my finger got to my mound, every part of me believed they are his tongue. Haze Luc is kissing my lower abdomen, the scruff on his face sending shivers up and down my spine. I want him to taste me. To slide his tongue up and down the lips of my cunt and suck the juices from my clit. My hand lowering, I spread my fingers, painting soft brush strokes up and down my soaking wet pussy lips. I wonder if this is what his breath will feel like when it caresses me. 

“Please, Haze, taste me,” I beg, my voice nothing above a whisper. A finger on either side, slightly spreading my lips to reveal my shame, I trace the middle finger straight up the middle. “Oh fuck, Haze, lick my honey up,” whimpering, my legs unable to stay still. My free hand moving to the sheet, knotting my fingers in the fabric as I thrust my hips up to meet what I imagine is his tongue. Just one finger circling my throbbing bundle of nerves, that man is such a fucking tease. 

I know he is not there, but right now, all I feel is the weight of his body on my bed, his tongue probing my cunny, and his moans driving me crazy with lust. 

“Is this what you did to her? Did you eat her fucking pussy?” I whisper. God, what if he did. Wouldn’t he be ashamed to eat another man’s meal? 

I pushed two fingers against my entrance, wiggling them inside. Haze’s cock, but I know he is so much bigger than two fingers. I’m positive he would stretch my pussy open and leave his mark inside of my warmth. In and out, the sound of a sloppy wet pussy bouncing off the walls. I’ve never in my life been as wet as I am right now. How could I be? I’ve never had Haze before. 

My hand tightens in the sheet, my hips bucking, but with every emotion running through me, I forget my bed squeaks like worn brakes. Every single fragment of hair standing straight on my body as I arch back into the pillows, riding out the first of many orgasms by that man. “Fuck me harder, Haze,” I cried out, the juice pouring out to soak my sheets. My body is spinning with pleasure. I can’t breathe from the force of my release. All I know is never in my life have I come as hard as I just did. 

Slowly I release my hand from the sheet. My body feels like jello. God damn, that man is a dangerous weapon if he fucks half as good as I imagine. 

A few minutes later, when I can collect my thoughts, a hot shower is what I need. Well, to cleanse away the sins written all over my flesh. I can’t believe I masturbated to Haze. If he only knew what I wanted him to do to my body, he might be shocked. Then again, I am sure after last night, he knows. 

A long hot shower makes everything better. I stand under the scalding hot water, my entire body encased in tiny pinpricks of heat. I’ve never been one for a cold shower. Even in the summer, when it’s well over 100, I still love to feel the pain. 

Twenty minutes later, rosy, red skin, hair pulled back in a ponytail, and a pair of old running shorts and a t-shirt on, I gathered the sheets for the wash. God knows they need them after that episode. Walking out of the bedroom, the sheets in front of my face, my life stopped. My world collapsed around me. 

“Sage, look who stopped by to see if we want to go to lunch with them?” Lola said, her face covered with amusement. 

“Oh fuck,” I said, my body tensing up. Sitting on the couch, my couch, Donovan, and Haze had the same look that Lola did. God, they heard me scream out his name. 

“Oh, sorry. I fell in the shower and screamed. I hope I didn’t disturb anyone,” I lied. 

“No love, but we hardly know each other. Why would you call out my name?” Haze asked.

Before I could reply, the three of them broke out into laughter that I will never forget. Every one of them knew what I was doing, and the laundry in my hands solidified it all. As much as I want to hide, there is no way I can turn this down. 

“I will be ready in 10 minutes. Sorry, I, fuck, sorry,” walking off, there was nothing else I could say. I’m sure I just stroked Haze’s ego, but it was worth it all. 

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