Are You Awake -3-

Chapter Three

Tonight is the first time that The Coast 99.1 bothered with throwing a party for the station, but then again, they never hired a voice like Haze Luc. According to the swarms of fan letters that arrive daily, it’s not only his looks but that accent that has shot the rating sky high. 

In the corner booth, away from what will soon be crowds of women, Haze huddled with his best friend Donovan, his publicist, and a few show producers. Jesus Christ could be sitting next to him, and the women still are there for Haze alone. How could they not be? 6 foot tall, shoulder-length hair, and a smile that could rip the panties off a Nun. Like his infamous tagline said, “I’m the one you want to wake up to.” Every woman in the place would agree with that—even the married ones. 

Dressed down for the evening, the talk show host wore a pair of jeans, an orange t-shirt, and his famous locks framing his face. Of course, a bottle of Casamigos Tequila on the table along with scattered shot glasses. 

My tunnel vision focused only on the man himself when I felt a jab to the ribs. 

“Stop it. You’re fucking staring at Haze,” Lola whispered. 

Was I? Yes, but how could you not? I don’t even know what is happening to me at this point. Sure, he’s hot, but the rumors of his sexual liaisons are sick. I should not want to be a statistic in his game, but I would give up my life just for one night with that man. 

From across the room, Haze lifted his hand, beaconing us forward. God, was it me that he wanted? Of course not. He wanted Lola or to use her. 

As we approached, he held up his glass to my roommate, shaking it back and forth at her. Was he inviting us for a drink? 

“Hello, love, get us a couple of clean glasses, would ya?” Haze asked. 

What the fuck? Did he expect her to wait on him hand and foot even when she wasn’t at work? 

“Of course, let me get those for you,” Lola smiled. 

My heartbeat from my chest, and though I was angry, just being this close has my mouth agape. 

“Sage, let’s go,” Lola growled. 

Wasn’t she going to introduce me? She knows that I’m his biggest fan and that I would die to have him say my name. God, what’s wrong with her? 

As we walked away, I let her have it. I never confess my feelings, but this time I couldn’t hold back. She could have introduced me. 

“Why the fuck did you do that? I want to meet him, and you know it. You selfish bitch. You could have at least said my name,” I spat. 

Turning, quick on her feet, Lola held the new shot glasses as she looked over, “Why? Do you see how he is? You want to be laughed at by them. If he fucks you, and he would, all he’s going to do is add you to a long list of his victims. Do you want that?”

As right as she was, I did want that. All of my life, I was the one girl who was left behind when everyone paired off. I went to the prom alone and sat home on Friday nights. Sure, now I get offers all the time, but I was not the pretty friends back then. Acne and glasses saw to that. So yes, I am willing to go through all of that when it comes to Haze. 

“Yes, yes I do. Can you introduce me, and I swear to god I will never mention his name to you again,” I begged. 

Lola sighed, shaking her head, “Alright, but I warned you.”

As we returned to the table, my heart sank. Haze was missing, and now the place is full of women who are just like me. Willing to give up anything just for a chance to be with that man. 

Lola sat the glasses down, looking over to Donovan, “Mr. Luc asked for these? Did he leave?” 

Raising his eyes to Lola’s, Donovan smirked like a cat with a canary feather hanging from his lip, “No love. He went to take a wee.”

“Oh, well, tell him these are clean,” Lola blushed. 

Did she have a crush on Donovan? All along, I thought she wanted Haze, but I see it all now. She wants his best friend. 

As I turned to walk away, all I felt was cold liquid pouring down the front of my blouse. “FUCK, what the actual fuck?” I cried. 

“I’m sorry, but you walked into me,” the girl laughed. 

Ignoring the snide remarks, I walked off in the direction of the bathroom, slipping in for a quick clean-up. With a paper napkin in hand, blotting the beer from my blouse, a sound from the handicapped stall stopped me in my tracks. 

Slaps and moans are coming from under the door. The sound was one you can’t hide. Someone was fucking in there. In a public restroom. As I leaned down, I noticed the two sets of feet. I covered my mouth to hide the laughter. Do I leave? 

“Oh fuck,” the male growled. 

Both of my hands now over my mouth, I slipped into an empty stall, lifting my legs not to be seen. 

“Please, fuck me. God damn, fuck my pussy harder,” the woman cried. 

Down the line, the stalls shook as the man thrust harder into her. Couldn’t these people do this in the car or at home? 

“Fucking dirty little bitch,” he grunted, a slapping sound following his words. 

As the scent of sex filled the bathroom, I kept myself locked in the stall to the sounds of wet balls slapping skin and the moans and grunts of the couple. I wonder for a minute, if I say something, would they stop, or should I tell security what’s going on? I’m not a snitch, but as hard as he was fucking her, I’m shocked her head hasn’t gone through the wall yet. 

“I’m gonna fucking cum, get on your knees,” he demanded. 

The shuffle of bodies let me know she was doing as told. 

“Suck me off. Suck my fucking dick,” he demanded. 

Gagging sounds came from the last stall, along with a long guttural grunt. I knew he had come, but what about the woman? Did she at least get off too? A second later, my heart stopped.

“Thanks, love,” he said.

Was it? Was it Haze? How could he do this? 

I stayed in the stall, peeking out through the tiny opening. It was Haze, and he just fucked some stranger in the bathroom. I listened to Haze Luc use someone, and I wished it was me. 

A couple of minutes later, after the woman left, I sprinkled water on my cheeks to cool the heat. I don’t even know how to face anyone now. I was a dirty voyeur listening to the man I wanted fuck a total stranger. 

I was shivering when I joined Lola, looking at her with eyes that resembled a deer caught in the headlights. 

“What the fuck is wrong?” Lola asks.

My voice quivered as I explained. “I was in the bathroom, and there was a couple in there fucking. I mean, hardcore-fucking,” I whisper. 

“So, people do it all the time. I mean, gross, but what the hell, it’s nothing new,” Lola laughed. 

I shook my head, looking at her, “No. No, it was him.” My eyes left hers for the first time. I glanced at Haze, who was now laughing with the people at his table. 

Lola’s eyes widened as she covered her mouth in laughter, “I told you. I warned you that he was a man whore. Now you know it’s true.” 

How could she take this so lightly? He didn’t even know who the woman was, and he fucked her? Do I hate him for it? No, that woman, she is a whore, and yes, I hate her. Doesn’t she know he is mine? 

“Snap out of it and go get a drink. I will introduce you to Haze after, but only if you promise me one thing,” Lola said. 

“Oh my god, seriously? Of course, whatever you want,” I whimpered. 

“Don’t go in the bathroom with him and make a fool of yourself. Please,” Lola begged. 

As I crossed my heart and hoped to die, I swore to my best friend that I wouldn’t fuck her boss. Not tonight, at least. 

Ten minutes later, standing in front of the table, Lola smiled as she introduced me to Haze.

“Mr. Luc, this is my friend, Sage. She’s a huge fan of yours,” Lola said. 

Haze looked up from his drink, his smile growing, ‘Well, hello, love. Nice to meet another fan. I hope you enjoy the party and remember to wake up with me tomorrow.” 

Before I could think, word vomit sent me into a spiraling case of embarrassment, “Oh, I have you in my bed every morning.”

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