Are You Awake -2-

Chapter Two


Friday couldn’t get here fast enough. When I woke to that voice reminding me of where I would be tonight, I squealed so loud that I put my hand over my mouth to muffle the giggles.

“Are you awake, Portland? I’m Haze Luc, the one you want to wake up next to,” he said.

“I’m fucking awake now, and Haze, waking up next to you makes me wet,” I laughed.

“Who out there wants to spend the night with me? Be the 7th caller, and I promise to make all your dreams come true,” Haze said.

“Fuck, you already make all my dreams come true,” I responded.

Once again, banging on the door interrupted my fantasy. Lola needs to learn a new schedule.

“Stop talking to the fucking radio. I’ll meet you back here at six tonight,” Lola called out, the door slam ending the conversation.

Somedays, I hate that girl. Not tonight, though. The guest pass she scored for Club Volume put her back in my good graces.

I stretched out on the bed, the sun filtered through the blinds as I listened to Haze seduce every woman tuned into the show. He is living proof that God is a woman. No man could create something that perfect.

My breathing soft, all I can think about is feeling ‘s breaths blowing over my prickling flesh. Seconds turn to minutes as my hands paint the treasure map I want Haze to follow. God, what am I doing? His voice taunting me, the words dripped honey across my flesh. Should I?

Haze’s voice once again ringing in my ears. The song over, he snuck back in with a narcotic laced whisper, “How many of you are dying to spend the night with me?” He finished his comment with that trademark chuckle. Does he even know what he’s doing to women? He’s submerging them in a heatwave that will succumb you into the pits of your own personal hell. 

My petite frame is withering in need, his hypnotic voice cradling me in a blanket of chills. I can’t stop my hands from wandering, fingers gracefully tracing the stiffening peaks of my breasts. I twist the nubs, my fingers pulling up. My nipples are where I want his teeth. In a dazed fury of imaginary lust, there is a need that only  can be sedated.


“Oh shit, fuck,” I moan.

Whoever is at the door, I hate you. Stumbling from the bed, the reflection in the large oval mirror, a dead giveaway. Quick, the robe wrapped around my body, each step to the door labored. My body slumped, frustration weighing heavy on my frame. Whoever leaned on the bell had no soul.

“What?” I growled.

“What the fuck?” adding, as I looked around. No one was there. Not a soul other than a single red rose laying on the weathered mat.

Creepy feelings washing over my body, I tugged the sash of my robe tighter before leaning down to grab the stem.

“Ouch, fucking thorns,” crying, my finger dripping blood. Why deliver roses with thorns? Most florists clip them before they send them out, don’t they? I don’t know, honestly.

As I slipped back into the apartment, pulling a small pink note from the flower, there are no words for my shock.

“I can’t wait to see you tonight. Love H!”

My heart ceased to beat, my body trickling a sudden burst of perspiration, little did I know. Everyone who received a pass also found the same rose at the door.

I fumbled for my phone, realizing it wasn’t in my pocket. I left the device in the bedroom. Flopping down on the bed, grabbing the phone quick, this is something twitter worthy.

@WanderingSage  1m

Oh my god! Haze Luc sent me a rose. I died. My life is now complete. #Roses #OHMYGOD

No one’s going to believe me, so I clicked a picture with the note, posting it along with the rose. Things like this don’t happen to girls like me.


God, what if he is calling me now? I grabbed the phone, swiping before checking the ID.

“You’re a dumbass. It’s a promotion from the station. Everyone got a rose sent to them,” Lola laughed.

Slumping down, my spirit kicked in the teeth.  Haze doesn’t know I exist, but for a brief second in time, he sent me a rose.

On the verge of tears, clearing my throat, “I know. It was a joke. God, can’t you just let me have a dream?”

Words met with silence. Lola took a minute to collect herself, “I’m sorry. It’s just, well, come on, Sage. You know he sleeps with women and dumps them.”

I couldn’t respond, my finger ending the call abruptly. There is no way I will cry, but what if? Sometimes the heartbreak of life is losing the ability to dream.

Eye stinging, a sudden calm washed over me. At least I get to admire the man from a distance. Some never will get the chance to be in the same room with Haze. One more check of the phone. Time is slipping away too slowly. I need to be there already, but not like this. God, I’m an absolute mess right now. Sexually flustered after being interrupted, but after that call, the urge is gone.

Five hours later, sitting on the floor in front of the mirror, all I can see is flaws. Lips dried and cracked, dark circles are framing my eyes, and my hair hangs like withered straw. I look like a hot mess.

“Lola, bring me my lotion, the expensive one,” I called out.

Listening to the soft steps across the floor, she tossed the bottle from the doorway. “Use that one. You look a mess,” Lola laughed.

“For being my best friend, you are a bitch,” I growled.

“Thank you,” she yelled, the door to the shower slamming behind her.

Miracles happen, and my face is proof. Eyes vibrant, the circles are now hidden under a layer of concealer. Any memory of despair is gone. My hair is straightened and beaming with a shimmer of gloss. Lola can eat her words now. I’d fuck me, and I’m picky.

My outfit for the evening was laid on the bed. Standing in nothing but a pair of sheer black panties, I never heard Lola walk in. I swear that girl has Ninja skills at times.

“Is that what you’re wearing?” she asked.

Was that tone condescending? I’m overthinking everything right now. What’s wrong with a skin-tight red dress and a pair of five-inch fuck me heels? I know I will look good bending over if it happens to look my way.

“Yep! No man can resist a lady in red,” I snicker.

“It’s not his favorite color,” Lola laughed, walking off. She was playing mind games and knew it.

“Why the fuck do you do that,” I growled, throwing a shoe as she walked off.

From the other room, Lola shook her head, her hair bouncing from side to side, “Because you have no confidence when it comes to him. I have never seen you act like this. Fuck him. If he doesn’t find you attractive, then he isn’t worthy.”

She was right, but still, I have never in my life had a crush until now.

An hour later, sitting in the back of an uber, every giant winged butterfly flapped rapidly in the pit of my stomach. In less than thirty minutes, I would be in the same room as the man of my dreams for the first time. 

As the car pulled in front of the building, swarms of women lined up to get into the club.  Light flooded the sky. The whole place felt electrically charged. 

“We are never going to get to that place. Look at that fucking line,” I whined.

The car’s door opened, a large male holding his hand out to help us exit the car. “Ladies, follow me in,” he said. Screaming and threats were coming from the crowd as the VIP door opens.

“Lola, hold my hand. I might fucking die right here,” I whimper.

“I swear to god, if you say anything wrong, I am telling them you snuck in,” Lola scolded.

With an imaginary zipped drawn over my lips, I followed Lola into what could be the happiest place on earth. Well, if you like men who scream sex and drip lust.

I don’t know what I expected, but this wasn’t it. There are stripper poles in the front and the music blaring. Sitting in the corner of the room surrounded by the press is the man himself— Haze Luc and his best friend, Donovan. It shouldn’t be legal to be that good-looking, but between the two of them, I felt my knees quiver. Did he know that earlier in the day, I imagine my fingers were his and begged for him to touch me? No, but by the end of the night, I hoped to make that a reality.

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