The Arrest -4-

Her hands shook as she closed the book. Gypsy closed her eyes for a moment. All the memories raped her soul with a vengeance. Those days were behind her, so how come the movie was suddenly on replay in her mind? Dominic Paloma would only help her if she handed over the book. Tucking the leather-bound lifesaver back into the box, she locked it before pulling out a replica from her bag. Oh, they would get one, but not the one that they wanted.

For the next few hours, Gypsy spent her time making up the most elaborate stories. The only one that was correct was her encounter with Dominic on his wedding day. She knew that had to be accurate. Not that Dom was all that bright, but she was sure she left a lasting impression on the man. Since the night they met, he had tried to book her again. She refused the large amounts of money he offered. Even an escort had standards when it came to her clients. Gypsy was pickier than most. Knowing that the one and only time she spent with him was at his very own wedding reception sickened the young blond. In her eyes he was even worse than Frank Paloma.

As she wrote the last sentence, her heart pounded through her chest. All the names were false, though the events true. Well, unless you don’t count the hit in Vegas. That she couldn’t fake because Dominic knew the truth. Rocco Lucchese was now dead so he couldn’t come for her, but the rest, God help her soul. She would be a sitting duck if Dominic used this for his profit.

Gypsy blew on the ink, making sure each one would not smear. If he knew that it was a copy, he would demand the original. Standing, she pushed the box back into the vault, pushing the key into her pocket. When she returned home Gypsy would put it in her safe in the house saferoom. No one had the code to that room but her, and she would die with those digits printed on her tongue. Before leaving the room, she had one last thing to do.

Standing against the shocking white wall, Gypsy set up the meet with Dominic. “I will be at the four Season’s tonight. I have the gift you wanted. Meet me in room 267 and come alone. If you bring anyone with you, the deal is off. Believe me, I have insurance,” she texted. Her hands trembled as she opened the door, a rush of cool air hitting her face. It was the jolt back to reality she needed to force her mind back on track. She prayed all Dominic wanted was the book. The thought of him touching her forced bile to fill the back of her throat. Holding the book tight to her chest, she walked by the security guard shaking as though she robbed the bank.

“Miss Kennedy, can I help you to your car?” he asked.

Nodding her head, Gypsy agreed for the first time. She was scared as was sure that fear was written all over her body.

“Thank you for walking me out,” she smiled, opening her car door, and sliding. A click of the lock and she brought the car to life. Sometimes she wondered if turning the key would cause an explosion, but so far, she was lucky.

Three hours later, she took the last look in the mirror as she walked into the Four Seasons hotel. Pressing her hands down her skintight pink dress, she approved of her attire of the evening. No, this was not a date, but this hotel was one that if you didn’t drip diamond then you would never fit in. She made sure to wear the ones her last client gifted her with. At 3 carats, the necklace was a showstopper.

The room already acquired; she pulled the key card out as she stepped onto the elevator. A short ride to the second floor and the car stopped right across from her room. Gypsy arranged it that was. Easy access. Her stomach twisted in knots, she stepped off the lift, walking only 5 feet before pushing the small card into the door. The moment it opened; the world went black. She should have known Dominic wouldn’t stick to his word. He never did. Out cold on the floor, the goon Dom hired looked over to the figure in the corner, “Where do you want her?”

“Strip her down and check for weapons or a wire, and then toss her on the bed. I plan on getting my money’s worth before you finish the bitch off.”

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