Are you awake Prologue

Starting a new book. I thought I would share.

“Are you awake, Portland? I’m Haze Luc, everyone’s favorite early morning wakeup,” he said.

Waking up to that voice every morning has become a dream come true. Soft yet husky enough to make you wonder if he smoked that morning cigarette. A Marlboro red, only one a day, and only when he was hungover.

“I’m awake now,” I whisper. My hands brushing over my eyes, the sandman overdid himself last night. Maybe it was the dream about Haze or the tequila I downed, trying to get the nerve up to speak to the man.


“Open up. You’ll be late if you stay in bed listening to Haze again,” giggled Lola.

“Yes, Mother,” I screamed, pushing my body deeper into the covers. How could she work with that man? I would die each day if I had to watch him and never touch the man. Well, that was if he would even give me a second glance. Everyone knows that Haze Luc only singles out the hottest girl in the room and the ones who are married. I am neither.

Another bang on the door. I know Lola will not stop until I show my face. Yawning, I push myself up, looking at the mirror across from the bed, shrugging, “This is why Haze Luc would never fuck you. Look at yourself in the morning,” I sigh.

Pushing the door open, Lola leaned against the door jam, shaking her head. “Sage, come on. You have class in 30 minutes, and Portland traffic is hell. Put a hoodie over that mess and go. I left coffee by the door, but I can’t wait for you any longer,” Lola said. The brunette had a dream job. Well, if you can call an unpaid gofer a job, it’s a dream. Working at 99.1 The Coast with Haze Luc is what most girls dream about but never touch. Lola included, but she would never tell Sage about her own crush on the man. How could she? She had one of her own.

I grab my University of Portland hoodie, pull my waist-length blond hair into a bun, and dash out the door, but not before grabbing the coffee. God help anyone who talks to me before lacing my veins with a caffeine boost. Some are addicted to drugs, but I spend my time pacing in front of Starbucks, waiting for it to open. I worked there one summer during high school and fired for overindulging. Everyone has a vice, and that thick, rich decadence is mine.

“Again?” I groan. Why did I have to attend a school where the rain was more prevalent than the sunshine? Because that’s where Haze Luc lived, and I will suffer through all the storms to get a peek at perfection.

Cast of Characters

(This is how I see them)

Haze Luc

25-year-old early morning radio host. Dark hair, brown eyes, and infamous ladies’ man. Loves innocent young women, but his preference is older and married. Has a high appetite for sex, drugs, and drinking.┬áNarcissistic personality disorder.


24 years old. Haze’s best friend and roommate. Both of the men think women are a game. They keep a running bet each month on who can “bag and Tag” the most women during that month.

Sage Thibodaux

23-years-old. Blond hair, blue eyes, beautiful, but doesn’t consider herself attractive enough for Haze. Senior in college, and delivery driver for a food service.

Lola Ambrose

21-year-old radio station intern who is in love with Donovan.

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