The Arrest Pt 3

TIGGER WARNINGS: Contains mature content with a brief touch on racism by her father. If this offends, don’t read.

Her heart raced the moment the key slipped into the lock. She swore she would never read this unless it were a life or death situation. Maybe Gypsy knew this was her ace in the hole, or perhaps it was another form of self-abuse. Either way, it’s time to go through the book and figure out how she will play her next hand. 

In the small room they provide, the young blond took a seat at the table, looking around and wondering why it seemed so clinical in there. The walls are stark white and without pictures or even a window. The table was one of those metal ones they use at the police station when they question someone. As for the chair, it was stiff as a board and without a cushion. Most people grab what they need and leave, but for Gypsy she couldn’t remove the item from the secure room. It was all she had to keep her breathing. 


Frank Paloma (Underboss)

July 25th, 2019

I met with the client at an undisclosed hotel. The client spoke to his wife on the phone while I laid on the bed, forced to masturbate. The client is abusive and forced me to give him oral sex, and he took my virginity with a 9mm handgun and then his dick. Forty thousand dollars paid in which I received half.

Update: Wife gave birth to a baby boy during the meeting.

Update: Frank was promoted to Boss when his father died four months later.

Update: Met with the client again in Las Vegas, Nevada. During this time, the client was abusive, and I was forced to sit with him during a private poker game. An arranged hit took place in the middle, and I was forced to leave my fingerprints on the weapon. I was sitting next to the deceased when he was killed. 

Update: Frank Paloma is dead.

As she sat there, Gypsy shook reading that insert. What she left out was that she was beaten multiple times by the client, and her cousin was the one who killed Frank as retaliation for what Frank did to Gypsy. She wanted none of that on paper anywhere. Frank being dead was one of the happiest days of her life. 

Dominic Paloma took over the family when his Uncle was killed, and now, he wanted the book that was keeping her alive. If he got his hands on this book, she knew that he would not only slaughter her but her daughter. That was a chance she could not take. The book contained things that she regretted more than anything in the world. It was the last update that hurt the most. 

Spencer Kennedy

Insert: If this is being read it’s because I am dead. My father began molesting me at the age of 11. At first, it was just visits to my bedroom to watch me sleep. During this time, I was drugged. As the days went by, it turned into photographs and other men involved. No vaginal penetration was allowed, but he did enable Congressman Daniel Murphy to rape my ass during one of the sessions. I woke during this and screamed for my mother. She ignored my pleas for help, but that wasn’t uncommon. She always ignored my needs. At the age of 16, I caught my father trying to rape me, and that night, I left the house and never returned. Thankfully he was drunk and never succeeded with his plans. 

The story didn’t stop there. Many more dates were added under Spencer Kennedy’s name, but it was the last one that hurt the worse. 

Confession from Spencer: I killed your husband because I will never allow my family name to be tarnished. You don’t have anyone other than a white Irish Catholic man inside of you. I couldn’t let the press know you married filth. I did you a favor. I made sure the bastard was dead. 

The tears ran down her cheeks as she read more about her father. Stopping to search for a pen, she updated his record for the last time.

Update: Deceased. 

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