Kitten’s baptism of cum

Am I humiliated to be viewed by strangers cleaning up a mess that I made? A year ago, I would have hurried away bright red and scared, but today, I lick every drop of my cum from the pane of glass. As a child, we are taught to clean up what we spill, doesn’t that transfer over to an adult?

Three sets of eyes on me as I crawled from the elevator, not bothering to rise to my feet. No, this is the life of a Kitten, and the collar around my neck signifies I am where I belong—serving the man that I love. If you cannot bow in public, you have no right to serve in private.

I shivered when I felt a pat on my head, it wasn’t what I expected. A female hand with long nails, a ricochet of fear flooded me with thoughts of Raven. I don’t want to play with her. I hate that woman. Eyes to the floor, no, those were not the shoes of the beautiful woman. These are sensible footwear. The kind that a matronly woman would wear. The type that my mother would own. Is this the first test of the collar? All I wanted was a night with Master and no one else. I wanted him to finally make love to me like a woman, not degrade me like a dog.

“Come now, Pet. You will show your Master how devoted you are to him tonight,” the female laughed.

Two other sets of footsteps followed, and it was then that I realized who this was. The couple from the cottage had paid another visit, and again, I am the last to know. They are not bad people, but again, I wanted tonight to be different. I stopped at the door of my room, but a gentle nudge led me forward to the penthouse suite—Master’s room.

“You may walk now, Pet,” Master mumbled.

As I grabbed the handle of the door, it slightly opened, and on the massive kingsized bed, Raven waited. I stopped, looking around, and my face fell to an ashen grey color. Was I going to get beaten again tonight? I’ve done nothing at all wrong, but if he makes her touch me. I am punished for the way my body will react to her presence. How can I stop the quivering of my cunt, or the fluid that will run down my legs in approval? I am not strong enough to control my body yet. I divert my eyes to Master only, pleading with him for this not to happen to me tonight.

“Don’t worry, Pet. Raven is only here to watch. She will not touch you tonight or ever again. Okay?” he said.

“Yes, Sir,” I whisper, breathing deep, exhaling slowly.

Without a word, the three others move in, grabbing my hand, and proceed to undress me. Well, there wasn’t much, but what little I have, it’s now gone and in a heap on the floor.

“Lay on the bed and stretch your hands and feet until they grip the sides,” Master directed.

Like a good submissive, I do as I am told, though the fear of the unknown still rapes my soul. I crawl to the center of the bed. My hand and feet stretch until both rests at the edge of the comforter. For the first time, I feel helpless and exposed in front of these three strangers. Are they, though? In a way, I have had a sexual experience with each of them. As a shiver creeps up my spine, I tremble the moment the air conditioner kicks on. A rush of cold blankets my body, pushing out a soft whimpering moan.

“Shhh,” Master warns.

My teeth quickly grab the inside of my lips, sealing them shut. On one side of the bed, the married couple stand, and on the other, Master and Raven. My eyes stay on the articulate details of the ceiling, though I feel the heat of their stares penetrating my body repeatedly. A weaker person would jump from the bed screaming and never look back. The collar around my neck weighs me down like a brick at my throat.

Sliding behind both women, the men place a hand to the center of their backs, pushing them to rest their faces on the bed. I can feel their breaths on my flesh, sprinkling me with goosebumps. Is this a test of my willpower? If it is, I will win. My teeth against my lips will make sure of that. Next, I closed my eyes, but my mind played the scene out without my permission.

Each man pushed up their woman’s dress, and like me, they wore nothing beneath. I know for Master, it is a rule that all Kittens do not cover what he owns. Pinching my eyes tighter, I can’t rid myself of the image of their hands massaging over the flesh of the women’s asses. I wish that were me, but this is my test, and I will not fail. What I didn’t expect was the build-up of moisture between my legs. Am I getting wet from something I hate? It makes no sense at all the way my body reacts to emotional pain.

“Keep your eyes close,” Master growled.

I knew that he was doing all of this to make my mind race with fury, and it was working. The vision that I am painting is graphic enough without actually seeing the act. The bed shifted, and the woman to the right of me left out a subtle but deep moan. I knew she was filled with cock at the moment, but I didn’t know which woman it was. Seconds later, the same cry came from the other side of the bed, and my heart raced. Both of the women are getting the attention that I year to receive.

“Oh god, fuck me,” Raven cried.

The sound of a cock plunging deep into her core, stretching open any resistance that was left. The breaths from these women on my legs are coming faster. Suddenly the scent of fucking rushes through me. God, was it not bad enough to visualize it and hear it? Now I have to smell it too? On the other side of the bed, teeth suddenly clamped down on the fleshy part of my thigh. This bitch is biting me while she is getting fucked. Still, I say nothing, but warm tears seep from my eyes. It hurts, but I understand the pleasure that she is experiencing. Both of these men are fabulous in bed, and a woman is lucky to experience either of them. I double down the bite on my lips, a quick cry of pain from one of the females, and my leg is released from the shark-like attack.

“Scream for our guest. Show my Kitten just how deep my dick can go in that cunt,” Master demanded.

The sounds of wet pussy overstuffed with large cocks and the applause of balls clapping radiated throughout the room. It was the shaking of the bed back and forth that threatened to make me unhinged. How can a person handle this without screaming and demanding to be satisfied as well? I was on the edge of losing the collar the moment Raven cried out in pleasure. Is she cumming all over Masters’s cock? Or was that the other man who is fucking her? Either way, I know that my dislike for the woman grows with each stroke into her greedy cunt. My breathing excelling to a ravenous point, both women are now howling with glee as they explode into orgasmic bliss. Not once, though, did I hear either man unleash his violence into the cores of these whores. Yes, no one knows that in my mind, I think of them as whores. Cum driven whores who feed on the souls of broken women.

The bed stopped with its earth-shattering assault. In raspy and demanding breaths, Master gave me his final instruction.

“Do not open your mouth. You will not accept the seed of anyone other than me. When you feel it is my cum, only then may you speak,” Master warned.

The first splatter of warmth hit my face with scalding heat. I heard his hand pumping the meat as he used my face for his canvas. It was the second that I knew more than anything else. A change in the room’s atmosphere let me know that the cum that was now expelling was from my Master’s cock. Opening my mouth, the rope of cum covered my blood-covered teeth. I had bit my lips so feverishly that the skin broke and filled my oral cavity with my crimson nectar.

I can almost hear the smile on his face when I knew his cum from the other man. How could I not? He is the one who created me, and I am his obedient little servant.

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