Writer questions

I will be removing the phone sex escape series today as I planned, but I have a few questions as a writer.

I primarily use Amazon to publish. I will admit being seen is almost impossible there. Has anyone else found that to be true? It will be my second book, and though the feedback is almost all positive on the first one, being seen has been a massive issue.

I’ve noticed that 99.9 percent of what I call horny housewife books are where the female is the main character, and she has many different lovers. I want to turn the table here. I prefer a male character with many females. Though very feminine in my daily routine, I love writing as a man. Something about allowing the asshole to roam through my words is a massive thrill for me. For anyone else who has published, have you found this to be an issue?

I have found Siren Publishing, but my book does not seem to meet the genre because it is a male-based book. Does anyone have any other suggestions?

The last question, I promise, twitter, facebook, and instagram all have author groups who will share your book for a price. It can become costly to share the book. Has anyone has any success with this?

Thanks for even taking the time to read this. If anyone wants to comment below, that would be awesome or email me @ a.j.lunax@gmail.com

6 thoughts on “Writer questions

  1. Trying to connect with potential readers is a big issue for us writers. I get the feeling there are tons of self-published books out there, and Amazon might be the most popular website for putting your books in the world. Mostly, family and friends have bought 1 or 2 of my books. Not much beyond that. I occasionally give ebooks for free on Amazon. That has been mildly successful. This month, I’m going to combine free books with paid promotions. That’ll be my first time, so I’m curious about the results. I highly recommend that you follow Lee Hall’s blog. He’s another indie writer, and he puts up results of his promotions. Very informative stuff. He shares resources, too: https://leehallwriter.com/resources/

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    1. I will check out his site, and thank you for that information. I have also done the giveaway thing through one paid site, and got one review, and through a free site, and received nothing. Most of the paid sharing sites for social media are in the 50.00 price range for 1 day of shares (total 3 shares that day). That seems a little steep for me, and they have no feedback on the results. I will check out the site you sent me 🙂

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  2. I have found that going wide is better than amazon only. I use smashwords to distribute almost everywhere. I put a lot of my books into amazon kdp and did not get a good return on that investment. I get most from apple books. feel free to DM me on twitter.

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